These remarkable 7 individuals had the courage to invest in coaching education with Corporate Coach Academy for it to start the first coaching class in 2004, spearheading the wave of coaching across the region.

Corporate Coach Academy (CCA) had the opportunity to walk down 20-year memory lane at a Hi-Tea Celebration on 27 August 2023 to Commemorate CCA’s win as the World’s Top 3 ICF Coaching School by ICF Impact Awards 2023. It was a time to celebrate all our past and present student coaches who have contributed to CCA’s success.

Reflecting on this journey, we hear 7 stories from 7 Pioneer Coaches who fearlessly embarked on the uncharted waters of coaching 20 years ago, laying the foundation for our coaching industry to grow to what it is today. Transforming a desert to a rich coaching oasis.

Claire Keow: Helped me discover my higher purpose
I came out from a hectic marketing career at age 31 not knowing what to do. Coaching was the best certificate I obtained because I learn how to ask powerful questions for myself, and now I keep going in my life. There is no retirement when you discover coaching to help others.

Dr Suriya Osman: Coach the whole person with head, heart and hand
I am a qualified medical doctor by profession. I took up coaching because it looks into the well-being of a person. Now I practice holistic medicine, combining the physical, mental and emotional state of my patients. I am a passionate influencer in this area as a regular speaker and blogger.

Jo Anne Ng: Strong mentorship and feedback
I totally believe in coaching because it sparks changes in a person. The mentoring and feedback I received has nurtured my confidence, developed my character and brought the authenticity of who I am. For aspiring coaches out there, my 2 powerful questions to you are;
• How can you be different from everyone as a coach?
• What is your goal in your coaching journey?

Lee Kong Fatt: Challenged with new skills and a new mindset
I was feeling rather jaded in my life and needed to refresh myself with new skills. Not only did I gain new skills, but I also found a like-minded community that I feel belonged and supported. Dr Michael Heah grilled and challenged us with real-life coaching issues, and there is never a dull moment in his class. I am grateful for these rich friendships that have lasted for more than 20 years because I have adopted a coaching mindset.

Loo Beng Siew: Transformed the way I lead people
I started work at 17 and was exposed to sales training. However, when I became a sales manager, whatever skills I had was not working and my sales people were not able to perform. Disheartened I took up coaching and found my answer there. It transformed the way I lead my people. Now my goal is to be MAD, make a difference to every individual.

Peter Wyss: Practical and effective coaching model
I came from Switzerland to Malaysia 20 years ago as a project manager. I consistently use the See-Say-Do coaching model in my work and it works. Now I am taking the Certified Master Coach program to learn how to coach at mastery level from Dr Michael Heah. CCA has groomed me to coach anyone and be the coach that people respect.

Rajiv Mathews: Intense curriculum draws out my true coaching skills
My career in United Kingdom was plunging as I was doing badly in sales until I met my neighbour who was a sports coach. Incredibly, my sales improved and even exceeded that of my CEO. I decided to pursue coaching relentlessly when I came back to Malaysia. On completion of my coaching program, I designed the first Certified Sales Coach Program in the world and now runs my own coaching company.

Today, as we navigate the ever-evolving coaching landscape, we remember the Magnificent 7 and honor their enduring legacy. Thanks to their trailblazing efforts, the coaching landscape has flourished with the emergence of numerous coaching schools, a multitude of talented coaches, and an ever-expanding client base. Their vision and dedication have transformed the coaching landscape not only in Malaysia, but the entire region. Together, we can continue to champion excellence in coaching and create a brighter future for the industry.

Corporate Coach Academy in Malaysia is the World’s Top 3 ICF Coaching School. It offers ICF Coaching Certification Programs at 3 Levels; Certified Associate Coach Certification, Certified Professional Coach Certification, and Certified Master Coach Program.

Know more about its high quality and innovative Coach Certification Programmes and Executive Coaching services at @www.corporate-coachacademy or call 03-7726 7316

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