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Since 2003 till today, it has always been our mission that CCA coaches are trained to be among the best in the world.

This is why we stand taller than 2,000 coaching schools to be the Top 3 Coaching School, which signifies a pinnacle of excellence in the Coaching World.

Our distinction lies in the global impact we contribute to the global Coaching landscape. From leading in many pioneering initiatives from life-long coaching support to coaching methodologies.

We are among the few biggest generators of ICF Coaches, be it in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and others.

All of these are aimed at making the best coaches of every leader across the globe to become ICF Credentialed Coaches who can create lasting change and inspire greatness.

The numerous accolades and heartfelt testimonials from individuals all over the world speak volumes about our commitment to make you the best version of what true blue coaches are made of.

Led by Dr Michael Heah, the Father of Coaching, we are always committed to take you on a formidable journey to greatness as we unlock your full potential and set your coaching career on an unprecedented trajectory.

Together, let us build a legacy of excellence that will transcend cultures, time and locations.

Our Vision

Growing a Vibrant Coach Community

Our Mission

Become a Coach of Global Prestige

What's in for You to be a Coach of a Top Coaching School

  • Global Standing as among the best in the world.
  • Strongest Branding & Positioning, a cut above others.
  • Strong Reputation to deliver exceptional results.
  • Diverse Clientele from all over the world.
  • Extensive Network from different countries and industries.
  • Cultural Sensitivity of clients of various cultures and norms.
  • Broad Knowledge and Expertise in different best practices.
  • Thought Coach Leadership on best practices globally.
  • Lasting Impact on clients’ lives and careers.


  • Be Disruptive, Not Cozy Coaches
  • Be Development Coach, Not Just Performance Coach
  • Build Character First, Then Competencies
  • Be All-Rounded Coaches to Coach All, Not Some
  • Be ICF Credentialed Coaches, Not Any Other
  • Be Coach Movers With Success, Not Failures

A Vibrant Coaching Community

The only Coaching School in the world with its own Coaching Association to Support your life long learning to be the best coach all through the years!

Our Coaching Philosophy


Anyone with a passion to see people grow can be a coach.


Good character and skills are the 2 most important success factors that make good coaches.


Raising people’s self-awareness is the single most important skill a coach needs to have.


Versatility to coach anyone in any situation defines the coach’s capabilities.


Coaches are successful when they stay relevant and competitive when they are in life-long learning.

Coaching In 3 Minutes

How To Become A Global Certified Coach

  • Join a Level 1 or Level 2 Accredited Program
  • Choose 1 of the 3 Virtual Coach Learning Plans
  • Decide on an Intake Date
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Student Reviews

What Our Students Say

Last week, I completed my #coaching programme.  I’m now a Certified Professional Coach!

The journey this programme took me through has been life-changing  Although I was reluctant to take up coaching initially, it opened doors for curiosity and self-awareness in a big way.  It helped me get past the barriers of self-doubt that we often create in our minds – both in our professional and personal lives.

I owe a lot to Coach Michael Heah ICF MCC for his wisdom and guidance. He taught me to simplify my thought process and focus on weighing out the problem before rushing into it.  He and team did a great job of encouraging me throughout the entire programme.  They pushed me tot set the bar high and keep as it so that I learn to look at issues from unconventional angles.

Coaching has given me the confidence to approach problem-solving with a better attitude.  Most of us go through a burnout when we are stretched beyond the limit.  Sometimes it derails our business operations and our peace of mind instead of offering a detour.

Coaching has helped me gain valuable skills which I hope to apply in building our leadership development business at CnetG Asia as well as managing my team at Propay Partners.  I’m always thankful for the opportunity of continuous learning!

Forward march!

Manish Mehta

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You wouldn’t believe that I have tried to use your coaching techniques to resolve some of the difficulty issues with my staff and students after coming back from the last session.

I dare not claim that I know how to apply exactly what I have learnt but the end results really showed something has changed after my coaching with staff and students. Wow! I have seen the power of coaching with right approach. You know, before I went for your Coaching workshop, I did my so called coaching with staff and students with my way instead of your probe question style, which is quite effective to get the end desired results. Nevertheless, to anyone whom we like to assist in solving their issues, I still believe that passion, love and sincerity will be important to carry out the coaching.

Well, Dr. Heah, I have learnt something useful from you. Thanks for doing this and hope that you will be able to pass on your valuable experience and coaching tool to many who can be a coach and genuine leader

Fenn Yenn

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