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We are popularly known as the Centre for Leadership and Executive Coaching in Malaysia or often regarded as the Centre for Executive Leadership Coaching in Malaysia for leaders who want to be highly competent leaders in all areas of this disruptive era.

All our ICF coaches are unified by the same coaching philosophy, coaching model, coaching competencies and are qualifiers of the 4 Cs of Chemistry, Character, Commitment and Competence.

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Your 8 Benefits for Getting a Coach


Get personal attention to achieve results fast.


Want a mirror for honest feedback to move forward more.


Seek a sounding board to share important confidential matters.


Get stretched to be accountable.


Broaden their minds to be more innovative.


Find someone with the experience and wisdom to fast-track them for better results.


Want a reliable and capable companion without a personal agenda, except theirs. 


Seek a cost-effective and surer way to get results as other methods have failed.

Coaching Types

Life Coaching

Support you to acquire mental strength and relationship skills to attain life success and fulfilment for a most purposeful and happy life.

Executive / Leadership Coaching

Support you to acquire disruptive leadership skills to lead and grow people for personal and professional career success and fulfilment in your organization.

Business/Sales Coaching

Support you to acquire innovative and strategic entrepreneurial skills to navigate well in this disruptive world for buy-in from all stakeholders for business success.

Organizational Coaching

Support your organizations to become an excellent place that can grow and retain high performance talents who can drive profits and serve the community.

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