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About us


Founded in 2003, Corporate Coach Academy (CCA) is well regarded as the top ICF-ACTP Accredited Coaching School for it trains more leaders to become ICF Credentialed Coaches than many.

We're the leading and most established Asia Coaching brand name in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and many parts of Asia that offers ICF coaching programs here.

The power of coaching lies in the coach’s ability to raise the self-awareness of people to remove blind spots, find new opportunities, and most importantly, move forward in life.

Dr. Michael Heah
CEO & Founder

Prestigious Coaching Awards

Brand Lauraute
BIZZ Coaching Award

Our Vision

Grow a Vibrant Coach Community in Asia and Beyond

Our Mission

Grow Your Career And Coaching Skills For Life

Our Coach Learning Plans


We offer a full range of ICF coaching programs that can transform you to become either a Global Associate, Professional or Master Certified Coach.

Full Plan

Fully Guided ICF Certification Programs
  • Synchronous Learning
  • Fully Guided by Coach
  • Access to ALL E-Learning Modules

Combo Plan

Guided with Partially Self-study ICF Certification Programs
  • Synchronous + Asynchronous Learning
  • Partially Guided by Coach
  • Access to ALL E-Learning Modules

Flexi Plan

Non-Certification Individual Modules
  • Synchronous + Asynchronous Learning
  • Guided or E-Learning Option
  • Flexible Learning
  • Suitable for Revision + CCEU

Why Choose Us


Accelerated Way To Attain ICF Credential

Accelerated Way To Attain ICF Credential

Accelerated Way To Attain ICF Credential

Supported by an international community of coaches to gain all the coaching hours you want.

Life Long Coaching Support

Life Long Coaching Support

An alumni called the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches, a national coaching organization to keep growing you for life.

Skill-Based Learning

Skill-Based Learning

60% of learning is on sharpening your skills; 40% on expanding your coaching knowledge.

Experience a 15-min Mini Coaching Session


    8 Reasons Why Most Leaders Choose Us


    Full ICF Accredited Global Status

    Want a global coaching career path that they can move forward to.

    Widest Choices

    Casual coaching skills for Certified Associate Coaches (CAC), Professional coaching skills for Certified Professional Coaches (CPC) and Mastery coaching skills for Certified Master Coaches (CMC).

    Skill-Based Learning

    60% of learning is on sharpening your skills; 40 % on expanding your coaching knowledge.

    Best Grade Of Coaches

    Practical coach learning methods, close attention with the support seasoned coach practitioners.

    Coaching Versatility

    Comprehensive learning that makes them all rounded coaches who can do life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching and organizational coaching.

    Accelerated Way To Attain the ICF Credential.

    Supported by an international community of coaches to gain all the coaching hours you want.

    Life Long Coaching Support

    An alumni called the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches, a national coaching organization to keep growing them for life.

    Promote Your Coaching Career

    Many business opportunities to ensure their coaching success.

    Who Should Be Coaches


    Corporate Leaders

    Corporate Leaders

    Corporate Leaders

    Lead, inspire and grow people in alignment with its corporate culture to achieve corporate objectives and goals.


    Community Leaders

    Community Leaders

    Community Leaders

    Bring hope, instil strength and equip them with solid community leadership skills to improve the lives of people in the community. 


    Business/Sales Leaders

    Business/Sales Leaders

    Business/Sales Leaders

    Sell using listening and questioning to win trust and upsell successfully.


    Helping Professionals

    Helping Professionals

    Helping Professionals

    Develop people holistically both in their skills and will for sustainable growth.





    Grow and unify the family as a happy, successful and cohesive unit for generations to generations.

    Coaching Books

    Books & Publications


    Dr. Michael Heah is an Author of 4 Best Selling Coaching Books: Dialogue with the Coach, Dialogue with the Life Coach, Dialogue with the Executive Coach, and Dialogue with the Sales Coach to support anyone in any field of Coaching.

    He is also a popular coaching columnist in both the local and international media and also a coach blogger who frequently shares his experiences in his ‘Stories That Coach’ blog.

    Read His Books & Get Tips on Becoming a Great Coach

    What Our Clients Say


    Testimonials on Our Coaching Delivery Excellence

    Last week, I completed my #coaching programme.  I’m now a Certified Professional Coach!

    The journey this programme took me through has been life-changing  Although I was reluctant to take up coaching initially, it opened doors for curiosity and self-awareness in a big way.  It helped me get past the barriers of self-doubt that we often create in our minds – both in our professional and personal lives.

    I owe a lot to Coach Michael Heah ICF MCC for his wisdom and guidance. He taught me to simplify my thought process and focus on weighing out the problem before rushing into it.  He and team did a great job of encouraging me throughout the entire programme.  They pushed me tot set the bar high and keep as it so that I learn to look at issues from unconventional angles.

    Coaching has given me the confidence to approach problem-solving with a better attitude.  Most of us go through a burnout when we are stretched beyond the limit.  Sometimes it derails our business operations and our peace of mind instead of offering a detour.

    Coaching has helped me gain valuable skills which I hope to apply in building our leadership development business at CnetG Asia as well as managing my team at Propay Partners.  I’m always thankful for the opportunity of continuous learning!

    Forward march!

    Manish Mehta

    Dear Sifu Mike

    A well humbled recognition on your achievements as the Father of Coaching in this region.  Your life experiences and believing in yourself has made you what you are today.  Your passion and strict teachings in coaching have changed and benefited the many lives of your students and others.  It has clearly raised my self-awareness and looking at life in a more positive appreciative manner under your wise tutelge … thank you Mike!

    Mohar Ibrahim


    Dear Michael, so happy to be one of the students who have been impacted by your deep knowledge and interest in creating a strong community of professional and personal coaches.  You not only helped me bult and improved my professional coaching skills, but through the process you helped me become a better person.

    Congratulations on this recognition as the Father of Coaching in the region.


    Claudia Cadena

    You wouldn’t believe that I have tried to use your coaching techniques to resolve some of the difficulty issues with my staff and students after coming back from the last session.

    I dare not claim that I know how to apply exactly what I have learnt but the end results really showed something has changed after my coaching with staff and students. Wow! I have seen the power of coaching with right approach. You know, before I went for your Coaching workshop, I did my so called coaching with staff and students with my way instead of your probe question style, which is quite effective to get the end desired results. Nevertheless, to anyone whom we like to assist in solving their issues, I still believe that passion, love and sincerity will be important to carry out the coaching.

    Well, Dr. Heah, I have learnt something useful from you. Thanks for doing this and hope that you will be able to pass on your valuable experience and coaching tool to many who can be a coach and genuine leader

    Fenn Yenn

    Received a lot of positive feedback and participants loved the role play bit as they felt real learning took place. It is a pleasure to be learning from such a wise person.

    Debra Ann Ovinis

    Just want to let you know that the coach journey I started in Malaysia in 2013 with you as a great mentor and teacher has evolved, I just took my Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) exam, and I am now a PCC!! Thank you for being a great role model for the beautiful art of coaching.

    You have made a significant impact on my life! Thank you, Michael!

    Elia Morton

    Great experience studying at the best coach academy in Malaysia with world class coach – Michael Heah ICF Master Certified Coach!

    Marbella Peres

    Thank you, Michael, your feedback and mentor coaching session was amazing and gave us so much opportunity for introspection.

    Victor Loke

    I would like to thank CCA for an excellent session yesterday. I enjoyed the practical session; it amazes me how you can get to the point with powerful questions when we get to the same point after many more questions and sometimes can’t have the same impact.

    The whole experience was rewarding and I thank the program with CCA and with you as instructor.

    Loay Damer


    Wonderful experience.  Worth every minute I spent.  Thanks the CCA Team.

    Deepal Soormaarchchi

    Sri Lanka

    The powerful learning areas during this program is the candid sharing by Michael that made the practice coaching meaningful.

    Samuel Kurian

    ICF Malaysia President

    Michael is such a treasure & I am so grateful to have sat in his classes.

    Jagdev Singh Gill

    Talented Gene.

    Now we can become good people managers to be able to connect and engage with people to understand and help their issues.

    Nor Azliza Abd Rahman


    I really enjoy this workshop.  I am so looking forward to be in the next workshop conducted by Dr Michael Heah.

    ArfahHanuym Bt Anuar

    The Coaching Clinic is very good for practicing to be a good coach.

    Norsyarizaini Bt Abd Mutalib

    Coach Michael Heah has a notable enduring and strong spirit in empowering others to be stronger souls. As a Master Coach Trainer, he knows exactly what it takes to revolutionise your thinking, and most importantly, your actions, in order to navigate you to become a great impactful coach. I would definitely recommend his Corporate Coach Academy and him as your Master Coach Trainer to anyone who wishes to learn what a true blue coach is all about.

    Jeri Xie

    Principal Business HR Professional Certified Coach

    Thank you so much for a fantastic course these past few months. I have learned so much and feel so rewarded by everything I have learned and all of the people I have gotten to know.

    Catherine Miller

    I earned tons from you. You are so willing to share your experiences. Coaching lead me deeper into the inner game and intrinsic of human potential & performance. Glad to have chosen this path. Looking forward to adding greater value in people’s life…cheers!

    Michael Kim

    I would like to say a big thank you for yesterday’s event. I believe we as coach-students can accelerate our learning exponentially with such type of sessions.

    In my opinion, this is due to the support we got from you during the day, your facilitation of the event, and the good preparations and expectation setting before the event.

    It was so fantastic learning on so many levels. Thank you again.

    Helene Brecke

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