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Certified Master Coach Certification Program

More and more newly minted coaches are entering into the marketplace, rendering current coaches to lose their differentiation.   There’s nothing...

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Become a Successful Entrepreneur Coach

Corporate Coach Acadcemy (CCA) together with our graduates network, the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (MACC) brings to you the...

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3 Global Coach-Learning Plans

3 coach-study plans to ICF coach certification: Certified Associate Coach,    Certified Professional Coach.  Register for this event today! Call...

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Learn Coaching in the Most Inexpensive Way

In line with CCA’s vision of Building a Vibrant Coaching Community, we are making coaching accessible to everyone and from...


About us


Leaders seek us to support them to become coaches (or to be coached) primarily for our superiority and innovative methods in accelerating them to be highly respected coach leaders more than many others.  Many of them have had received some sort of support before but the change is slow, or not at all. 

CCA is led by the Father of Coaching, Dr Michael Heah, MCC, and Asia’s Sports Legend, Tan Sri Datuk Dr M Jegathesan, who have developed and fine-tuned the traditional art of Coaching to become Disruptive Coaching that can truly propel people and organizations in a disruptive world. 

We know what will build disruptive leaders as we are the pioneer in Coaching and the leading ICF-ACTP Accredited Coaching School since 2003. Many thousands of leaders have already become highly respected ICF Credentialed Coaches. 

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as our base, we have been attracting leaders from all other parts of the world, from Singapore to Indonesia, Thailand, China, Australia, Middle East, UK, Eastern and Western Europe, USA, South & Central South America including the Carribean, know that the CCA Brand of ICF Coaches give them far greater advantage for the exposure and visibility.

The many coaching awards and testimonials achieved from all over the world speak volume of our many leadership initiatives that have also paved the way for many other coaching schools who are here today.

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The power of coaching lies in the coach’s ability to raise the self-awareness of people to remove blind spots, find new opportunities, and most importantly, move forward in life.

Dr. Michael Heah
CEO & Founder

Our Fully ICF Accredited Status 

MACC'S NEW EXCO 2022 - 2024

Our Hall of Fame

*Jan 2020 – Dec 2021*

Prestigious Coaching Awards

Brand Lauraute
BIZZ Coaching Award

Our Vision

Grow a Vibrant Coach Community!

Our Mission

Become The Coach Everyone Respects!

Our Coach Learning Plans


We offer a full range of ICF coaching programs that can transform you to become either a Global Associate, Professional or Master Certified Coach.

Full Plan

Fully-Guided ICF Certification Programs
  • Synchronous Learning
  • Fully Guided by Coach
  • Access to ALL E-Learning Modules

Combo Plan

Guided with Partially Self-study ICF Certification Programs
  • Synchronous + Asynchronous Learning
  • Partially Guided by Coach
  • Access to ALL E-Learning Modules

Flexi Plan

Non-Certification Individual Modules
  • Synchronous + Asynchronous Learning
  • Guided or E-Learning Option
  • Flexible Learning
  • Suitable for Revision + CCEU

Why Choose Us


Accelerated Way To Attain ICF Credential

Accelerated Way To Attain ICF Credential

Accelerated Way To Attain ICF Credential

Supported by an international community of coaches to gain all the coaching hours you want.

Life Long Coaching Support

Life Long Coaching Support

An alumni called the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches, a national coaching organization to keep growing you for life.

Skill-Based Learning

Skill-Based Learning

60% of learning is on sharpening your skills; 40% on expanding your coaching knowledge.

Experience a 15-min Mini Coaching Session


    8 Reasons Why Most Leaders Choose Us


    Full ICF Accredited Global Status

    Want a global coaching career path that they can move forward to.

    Widest Choices

    Casual coaching skills for Certified Associate Coaches (CAC), Professional coaching skills for Certified Professional Coaches (CPC) and Mastery coaching skills for Certified Master Coaches (CMC).

    Skill-Based Learning

    60% of learning is on sharpening your skills; 40 % on expanding your coaching knowledge.

    Best Grade Of Coaches

    Practical coach learning methods, close attention with the support seasoned coach practitioners.

    Coaching Versatility

    Comprehensive learning that makes them all rounded coaches who can do life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching and organizational coaching.

    Accelerated Way To Attain the ICF Credential.

    Supported by an international community of coaches to gain all the coaching hours you want.

    Life Long Coaching Support

    An alumni called the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches, a national coaching organization to keep growing them for life.

    Promote Your Coaching Career

    Many business opportunities to ensure their coaching success.

    Who Should Be Coaches


    Corporate Leaders

    Corporate Leaders

    Corporate Leaders

    who can disrupt, lead and grow their organizations and people.


    Community Leaders

    Community Leaders

    Community Leaders

    who can help people in their purposefulness.


    Business/Sales Leaders

    Business/Sales Leaders

    Business/Sales Leaders

    who can get buy-in from clients and stakeholders for profitable business results.


    Helping Professionals

    Helping Professionals

    Helping Professionals

    who can develop people holistically for their long-term growth.





    who can build strong family relationships.

    Coaching Books



    Dr. Michael Heah, the Father of Coaching, is also the Author of 4 Best Selling Coaching Books

    • Dialogue with the Coach,
    • Dialogue with the Life Coach,
    • Dialogue with the Executive Coach
    • Dialogue with the Sales Coach

    100 Coaching Cases. 100 Ways. 400 Powerful Coaching Questions in each book

    Read His Books & Get Tips on Becoming a Great Coach

    What Our Clients Say


    Testimonials on Our Coaching Delivery Excellence

    Received a lot of positive feedback and participants loved the role play bit as they felt real learning took place. It is a pleasure to be learning from such a wise person.

    Debra Ann Ovinis

    Great experience studying at the best coach academy in Malaysia with world class coach – Michael Heah ICF Master Certified Coach!

    Marbella Peres

    Thank you, Michael, your feedback and mentor coaching session was amazing and gave us so much opportunity for introspection.

    Victor Loke

    Wonderful experience.  Worth every minute I spent.  Thanks the CCA Team.

    Deepal Soormaarchchi

    Sri Lanka

    The powerful learning areas during this program is the candid sharing by Michael that made the practice coaching meaningful.

    Samuel Kurian

    ICF Malaysia President

    Michael is such a treasure & I am so grateful to have sat in his classes.

    Jagdev Singh Gill

    Talented Gene.

    Now we can become good people managers to be able to connect and engage with people to understand and help their issues.

    Nor Azliza Abd Rahman


    I really enjoy this workshop.  I am so looking forward to be in the next workshop conducted by Dr Michael Heah.

    ArfahHanuym Bt Anuar

    The Coaching Clinic is very good for practicing to be a good coach.

    Norsyarizaini Bt Abd Mutalib

    Thank you so much for a fantastic course these past few months. I have learned so much and feel so rewarded by everything I have learned and all of the people I have gotten to know.

    Catherine Miller

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    Download FREE Coaching Books

    We will email you a copy of Business Coaching and Organisational Coaching Cases, plus many other coaching tips. Follow us and get continuous amazing coaching resources that help you to be a Coach fast.
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    Established in 2004, Corporate Coach Academy in Malaysia is well regarded as the leading and most established coaching school in Malaysia with the ICF-ACTP accredited status that offers a complete range of innovative ICF global coach-learning programs for ICF Coaching Certification in Malaysia and other neighboring countries to enjoy today!    

    International Coaching Federation, ICF coaching programs Malaysia or simply Coaching in Malaysia, and more specifically Corporate Coaching for leaders is attributed to its early work where the ICF brand of Coaching was brought here some 20 years ago.

    It has built a strong reputation since then as the biggest generator of ICF Coaches in Malaysia and in the neighboring regions. CCA and ICF Coaching Certification Malaysia are closely knitted in our vision of ‘Growing a Vibrant Coach Community’! 

    The many awards and great testimonials from all over the world speak volume of its leadership coaching role in many initiatives that have paved the way for many other coaching schools to be here today that are making available different types of Performance Coaching Certification Malaysia is currently enjoying now!

    Our Coaching Academy in Malaysia tops the list in offering the widest range of corporate coaching programs for leaders. 


    1. Be Disruptive, Not Cosy Coaches
    2. Be Progressive Coach-Movers, Not Regressive Coach-Forgetters
    3. Stand Out to be The Top 20% Best Coaches
    4. Build Character and Acquire Competencies
    5. Be Versatile All-Rounded Coaches
    6. You are the Best Coaching Product
    7. Become ICF Credentialed Coaches, Fastest!
    8. Be More on Development Coaching than Performance Coaching
    9. Use Coaching to Supplement, not to Replace Other Interventions