Corporate Coach Academy (CCA)’s recent collaboration with The BrandLaureate (TBL) on 19th September 2023 is a move towards enhancing the branding of coaches, a very important factor to their success.

‘This significant MOU clearly demonstrates CCA’s commitment and leadership to support all coaches in Malaysia to achieve the highest branding standards of excellence and innovativeness in Coaching’, says Dr Michael Heah, the Father of Coaching, President of CCA.
The rational for this collaboration is ‘Your brand is your business, and your business is your brand’.

Many people associate branding with big names like Apple, Starbucks and Nike but it is seldom used for coaching business. Coaches are often perceived as behind-the-scenes people who propel others to stardom and success. Every other industry and expertise have been recognized par excellence on the global platform, but coaches often fight shy of it.

With this collaboration, CCA and TBL Education are joint organizers for The BrandLaureate Human Resource and People Development Leadership Awards. This creates many opportunities for coaches and key players in the coaching industry, to be winners of the prestigious Brand Laureate Awards. The Award is not just a trophy, but it represents the pinnacle of success and achievement of great brands and great personalities.

CCA started the branding journey way back in 2013 when it became the first recipient of The BrandLaureate Award Winner in 2013 for Corporate Branding in Education, Training & Coaching.
What does this strategic partnership hold for coaches, coaching companies and coaching schools around the world?

Here are 3 reasons why entering the BrandLaureate Award will benefit your coaching business.

  1. Significantly boost your marketing efforts. Nominations and shortlisting for The BrandLaureate Awards serve as third-party endorsements of your business. Winning the award provides a seal of approval for your brand and business activities. You can utilize the award as a mark of quality in your sales pitch and business presentation, effectively setting your company apart from competitors and sending positive signals to your clients.
  2. Increase your credibility. How you speak to yourself makes a big difference to your business and your clients. It is often difficult to see the strengths in yourself and what you can offer to the world. Be kind to yourself. You are amazing!
  3. Assess your business from a fresh perspective. The application process for The Brandlaureate Awards helps you differentiate yourself by focusing on areas that will bring greater impact to others such as innovation, growth, diversity, customer service and investment in people.

This strategic partnership signifies CCA and TBL commitment to upholding the spirit of collaboration, fostering innovation, and striving for excellence in coaching.

Creating a brand doesn’t come easy, let alone establishing and sustaining it. Drawing from their 20-year experience, CCA and TBL have their own certified programs to help business owners and leaders to be the best in their field.

Corporate Coach Academy in Malaysia is the World’s Top 3 ICF Coaching School. It offers ICF Coaching Certification Programs at 3 Levels; Certified Associate Coach Certification, Certified Professional Coach Certification, and Certified Master Coach Program.

Know more about its high quality and innovative Coach Certification Programmes and Executive Coaching services at @www.corporate-coachacademy or call 03-7726 7316.

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