Q: I am in two minds as to whether I should give up my current Accounts Manager position to become a Sales Supervisor instead. One part of me is telling this is a more exciting outdoor career compared to the mundane indoor one that I have been in for so many years. However, the other part is telling I will be downgrading myself to a lower position if I choose this path. How will I know which is a better path for me?

A: Simply changing for the sake of wanting a field job is not a good reason to switch career. Changing a career is not like changing clothes because the implications are many. There are other important considerations to take note of before making a final decision.

A key reason why successful sales people are in this career is because of the expanded life they want to have so that they can tap fully on their own strengths and potentials.  Even if they have to start from scratch, they are well-prepared to do so. They love the independence to be the master of their destiny. In short, they want to be their own bosses who are prepared to take any kind of risks and difficulties that come along with it. So is this what you want?

They also love to enjoy the unpredictable conditions that give them unlimited access to opportunities and rewards, which predictable conditions cannot give them. So, does this fit well with what you want? Finally, they love the challenges that call for their strengths and creativity to succeed in the open field with other competitors. And does this appeal to you too?


  • What are ┬áthe real reasons you want to be in sales?
  • Is this enough to be success? ?
  • What else is needed?
  • What are you prepared to do for it?

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