Q: My dad is one person I want to thank for teaching me the virtue of integrity.  As a result of this, I apply it diligently in all aspects of my life.  What I am not happy with, is the results that I am getting does not commensurate with the efforts I make to impress my prospects of the kind of person I am.  Everyone knows I have integrity, but so what? It does not convert into dollar and cents. What is still missing?

A: Well, the truth is while integrity is very important, having this alone is not enough to convert it to success. In fact, if a person is too obsessed with this, it can be a liability as it might impress on people that he is too self-righteous that makes it difficult for them to come close to him due to his super perfection!

Integrity is not an external quality to show off to others, but an internal compass to guide you to live a life of truth. Other qualities and competencies must also grow in tandem with it to complete the picture for true success and fulfilment to emerge. The first most important factor is to know whether the sales career fits in well with your qualities, strengths and interest. If it does not, then it is time to move on to others that may fit you better.

Should it fits well, the next quality to have is to make yourself likeable for people to deal with you. Next is the discipline to have a clear goal and direction on how to grow your career. Then comes strengthening your determination and resilience to ensure you stay on course to success. When all these are added together with your integrity, you will then have all it takes to get the kind of results that will make you successful and fulfilled.


  • How are you living out your virtue of integrity?
  • What other qualities do you need to serve you better?
  • What can you  get there fast?
  • What pitfalls do you always want to watch out for?

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