Q: I have been coaching my managers for a long while but I am far from satisfied with the results. They have not been transformed into the way I like to see in them – walking the extra mile, taking more accountability in their work and so forth.  I have given them all the support but yet I feel somewhat that they are expecting me to do more than them in this relationship. What are your views?

A: Support to them in the form of arranging all the meetings, setting the agenda, answering all their questions, finding them the resources, etc. are not exactly the things that will win the hearts of your people but instead, create dependency and lack responsibility.

Think of how sports coaches do this when you coach them the next time. They help their athletes by pushing them to work harder and smarter, and helping them to find the motivation within themselves to go further and to be better. But they are not directly involved in playing the game.


  • What is something you need to change in your approach to your people?
  • What is causing them not to appreciate the kindness you are showing on them?
  • What can sports coaches teach you?
  • What is something new you want to introduce in the way you coach?

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