Corporate Coach Academy
  • Founded in 2003, Corporate Coach Academy (CCA) is Asia’s leading and most established ICF-ACTP Accredited Coaching School with the most complete range of world-class coach learning; from Certificate, Associate, and Professional to the Master level. 

  • Guided by its Vision of ‘Growing a Vibrant Coach Community in Asia’, it leads the Coaching Industry with year-round initiatives to grow Coaching and Coaches.

  • The region’s 1st ICF Coaching School and is credited for bringing the global ICF Coaching Brand. 

  • Generates the most number of ICF Credentialed Coaches in this region. 

  • Is a recipient of many prestigious international awards for its leadership in growing the Coaching Industry.  

  • Has a lifelong learning support via its home grown Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (MACC).

  • Has a long-term strategic relationship with HELP University and UUM Graduate School of Business.


Our Vision & Beliefs

Our Vision is to ‘Grow a Vibrant Coach Community’.

  • We believe that everybody can and should be a Coach to ‘make the world a better place’ as long they have the passion and desire to see people grow in their lives.

  • We regard Coaching is about having powerful conversations to raise people’s self-awareness and instil accountability in them that will propel their lives forward.   

  • We believe good coaches are people with good character and skills to gain trust and credibility from the people they want to support for the best results.

  • We believe successful coaches are both process experts to deliver top coaching value and are also marketing experts who can promote and sell their services well.  

High Impact Coaching Programs

  • All our coaching programs are global class as they are accredited with the ICF-ACTP credential, which testifies the big value we deliver to our coaches and students.

  • Coaches evolve from one stage to another. They learn the skills of casual coaching at the Associate (CAC) level, Professional coaching at Professional (CPC) level and Mastery coaching at Master (CMC) level.

  • Our teaching methods are practical, simple and structured that make learning easy and powerful. 

  • Our programs are very rich in content, covering NLP, Positive Psychology, Appreciative Intelligence, Spirituality, Business, Management, Sales, Leadership and Life imperatives. 

  • We deploy coach practitioners (not lecturers) to coach using ‘street-smart’ coaching, which makes them solid coaches when compared to many.   

  • We can deliver our programs in multi-languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, French, Hungarian, Spanish and others. 

  • They can be delivered in one-on-one, small group or big group using a wide range of learning channels.




Long Term Partnership with You


  • We stay together always as a coach community through the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches during and after their studies with us. 

  • We forge strategic business relationship with our coaches for them to be our Associate Professional Coaches and Mentor Coaches when they meet all our 4 Cs criteria of Commitment, Competence, Compliance and ‘Chemistry’.

  • We go as a powerful force of CCA coaches in many of our major coaching projects to show them that we are united by the same alma mater, beliefs, coaching model and competencies    

  • For a nominal fee, past students and coaches can attend any of CCA’s programs again and again as refreshers to further sharpen their knowledge and skills. 

  • Ultimately, we focus our efforts to create/open opportunities for our coaches because we want them to be successful in their careers.