Corporate Coach Academy
  • Founded in 2003, CCA is Asia’s leading ICF-ACTP Accredited Coaching School with the most complete range of world class coach learning leading to the Certificate, Associate, Professional and Master levels!

  • It is the region’s 1st coaching school and is credited for bringing the global brand of ICF Coaching;

  • Guided by its Vision of ‘Growing A Vibrant Coach Community in Asia, it leads the Coaching Industry in the region with year-round initiatives to grow Coaching and Coaches;

  • It’s the only coaching school that provides lifelong continuous learning via its very solid learning support infrastructure, and a digitized coaching system called Coach Aha for our coaches to enhance their productivity and professionalism.  

Our Coach-Learning Vision & Philosophy

We believe that everybody can and should be a Coach to ‘make the world a better place’ as long they have the desire and interest to see people grow in their lives.


Because we regard Coaching as having very powerful conversations, people with this skill can raise someone’s self awareness and help them take accountability to propel their lives forward.   

We believe that Coaching is more about behaviors than knowledge and this explains why we consciously focus on equipping our coach students with powerful coaching skills (than coaching knowledge) to make our coaches equip with all-rounded conversation skills to converse and communicate powerfully in any situations where they can touch lives and give back to the community in the most purposeful way.

​This is why CCA coaches are a class above many and are more successful than many as they are able to coach in a more superior way. 

Unique Coaching Programs

  • Our global class coaching programs are ICF-ACTP accredited that testifies to its program superiority and its ease to take anyone to become ICF credentialed Coaches via face to face, tele- classes, webinars, and personal tutoring;

  • They are delivered in multi-lingual via   English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.

  • Widest range of learning channels and methods to cater to anyone in the world;

  • Very rich content covering NLP, Positive Psychology, Appreciative Intelligence, Spirituality, Business, Management, Sales, Leadership and Life imperatives;   

  • Coach practitioners are deployed (instead lecturers) to coach you on the best practices of Coaching.  

Long Term Coach Partnership

  • Our relationship continues to grow further and not end when their studies through our special long term partnership schemes;

  • Some of them are: Associate Professional Coaches, Mentor Coaches, Franchisees when they are able to satisfy our 4 Cs Criteria of Commitment, Competency, Compliance and ‘Chemistry’:   

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