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Dr Michael Heah

President & Founder, ICF MCC

Experience & Activities

Well-regarded as the ‘Father of Coaching’ and ‘Sifu (‘Master’) in Coaching’ in Asia, Michael pioneered and uplifted the standard of professional coaching with the bringing in of the ICF brand of Coaching to Malaysia, and has led its growth for the last 2 decades.

His many highly acclaimed credentials include:

  • Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s Gold standard in Coaching
  • Master Coach Trainer for International Coach Academy
  • Master Trainer for the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia
  • Adjunct Professor for University Utara, Malaysia
  • Recipient of many coaching awards, such as the prestigious Brand Laureate’s ‘Icon Coach Leadership Award’ and the ‘100 Global Leaders’ Award
  • Writer and Author of 4 Coaching Books i.e. Dialogue with the Coach, Dialogue with the Executive Coach, Dialogue with the Life Coach, and Dialogue with the Sales Coach
  • Malaysia Representative Consultant for APEC in tourism and economic development
  • Tourism Consultant to European Union and Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
  • Founder and 1st President of International Coach Federation, Malaysia Chapter
  • Blog writer of the ”Stories That Coach” website
  • Executive Director and Head of Retail in the largest tourism and hospitality organization in Malaysia
  • Managing Director of the Reliance College and Ideal Malaysia, Malaysia’s first homegrown travel franchise.