• Start Date 05/29/2023
  • Start Time 09:00 AM
  • End Date 08/09/2023
  • End Time 05:00 PM
  • Location Virtual

More and more newly minted coaches are entering into the marketplace, rendering current coaches to lose their differentiation.   There’s nothing special anymore about what you have as they too have the same skills and credentials like many of you. 

Coaches therefore need to differentiate and up their coaching skills and credentials to mastery level in order to get noticed, deliver bigger results and fetch a higher premium to make their coaching career worthwhile. 

Here’s an opportunity for you to elevate your coaching skills to mastery level and be personally coach-mentored by Dr Michael, the Father of Coaching.

  • Module 1 & 2 : Mastery and Situation Coaching – May 29th– 31st
  • Module 3 : Appreciative Coaching – Jun 26th– 28th
  • Module 4 : Purposeful Coaching – Aug 7th– 9th 

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