Q: I feel I am running my organisation well because I already have many things in order: an inspiring business mission, a sound operating plan to guide all of us, an attractive reward scheme, and a host of benefits for my people that are the envy of many other organisations. But the sad truth is I am not getting the results I want. Not only that, I have a team of people who do not appreciate what they are enjoying here. Honestly, they should be grateful to have a good-paying job and a company that cares! Yet, all I get are constant complaints and even resignations when they should be staying on to help the organisation in return. Is there something I am missing?

A: What you are saying about your employees is something I hear a lot these days from other employers. I understand where you are coming from as it is normal for you to expect employees to behave in a certain way for the “good things” they are getting in return. However, it is important to note that the employees’ world is not necessarily the same as the employers’. For instance, many modern-day employees feel there is more to life than just putting food on the table – they do not want to work, work and just work! When such feelings appear too frequently, it can mean the workplace environment is suffering from “anomie”, a form of alienation that leaves people feeling isolated, disillusioned, and disconnected. This will work against the interest of the organisation as there is no meeting of each other’s values to “glue” each other together to achieve success.

The way forward is for you to consider how you can humanise the workplace with “bridges” where the employer, employees, and even customers can live out each other’s values. You need to make the mindset shift to serve your employees as well, rather than it’s all about serving you as their “master”! When there are bridges, employee satisfaction and career enrichment emerge which will unleash their potential and grow their passion! Building bridges cost less than splashing out the extrinsic rewards like salary increases, parties, and so forth for them. This is the kind of workplace people want.


  • What do your employees say about the organisation?
  • What causes this?
  • What can bring people together?
  • What will everyone gain from this?

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