Q: The more I read about what leadership is, the more confused and discouraged I become. This is because there are so many perspectives and tips on leadership that I could build a mountain with them! It makes me feel becoming a leader is very difficult. I want to be a good leader but I need to know what to focus on than trying to do everything to be one. Can you help to sum up what an excellent leader needs to have?

A: I am with you on this as, without a proper understanding of what good leadership really is, one can be very confused as to what it is and what it takes to be one. A leader, for me, is someone who leads both in ideas and direction with strong support from his followers.

Someone who wants to be a leader needs to meet five key conditions. Firstly, a leader must be far-sighted, with a clear vision and goal. Secondly, a good leader must be adventurous and     entrepreneurial – always curiously looking for opportunities to excite his people that surprise even his competitors! Thirdly, he must be courageous enough to continuously innovate to make his enterprise stands out from the crowd. Fourthly, he needs strong self-confidence and the will to push on, even with criticisms and opposition from others. Finally, he must have the influence and persuasiveness to win hearts and garner cooperation from the majority of his people to follow him on the journey towards success and fulfillment.


  • What are your values and beliefs that resonate with a good leader?
  • How can they be displayed for people to see?
  • What is the message you want to send to all of them?
  • What will make them want to follow you?

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