Soon you will get to listen to a series of coaching talks by interesting and experienced coaches in the AHA! Coaching Show.

Biztech Asia will be hosting the weekly Aha! Coaching Show in partnership with Corporate Coach Academy (CCA), Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (MACC) and Talent Search International.  Listeners will be able to ask questions and interact with the speakers through various video channels.

Why Aha? You don’t quite get the joke.  Aha! Suddenly, you got the punchline and laugh along.  You are stuck in a problem and can’t seem to find the solution. And then, Aha! “Now I can figure it out”. 

Have you been in such situations and wish that you have many Aha! moments faster?  Aha! is a key moment in coaching where a person experiences a sudden realization or breakthrough during a coaching conversation.   The conversation then takes a dramatic turn as it leads to the person making behavior changes and taking action steps.

In the first edition of Aha! host Brian Fernandez talked to Dr Michael Heah, popularly regarded as the Father of Coaching and the founding President of International Coaching Federation Malaysia (ICFM) on Exploring Coaching and its Growth in Malaysia.

1. The Evolution of Coaching in Malaysia

Dr Michael Heah brought the International Coaching Federation (ICF) brand of coaching into Malaysia 21 years ago when it was hardly known.  What was fuzzy then has grown and evolved with the vision that Dr Michael set at the start Building a Vibrant Coaching Community.  The vision still holds true as statistics show that there are about 1,000 certified and non-certified coaches, with 10 coaching schools in Malaysia today. Coaching has gained a lot of traction in the last 10 years with organizations hiring coaches and leaders getting into coaching themselves. In the last 3 years since the pandemic, there is greater demand for coaches as the environment becomes more challenging.  Everyone needs a trusted friend or a professional mate who can help them deal with issues in their life.

2. Exploring the Different Types of Coaching Methods

There are 5 broad niches in coaching, each with its own sub-sets. They are life, executive or leadership, business, sales and organizational.   Within executive coaching for instance, there will be succession planning, managing teams, workplace challenges and such.

3. Exploring the Powerful Benefits of Coaching for Business and Organizations

Coaching has the ability to raise a person’s self-awareness by stretching their mindset to see better opportunities.  That’s when Aha! the pinnacle moment in coaching happens.  It’s hard to see things for ourselves, so a coach acts as a mirror, observer and feedback provider.  People can unleash their potential when there is someone who believes, trusts and supports their growth.  Leaders today are expected not only to lead but to grow their people in a structured way.  Organizations become better and see sustainable results when they have coaches working with them.  This is evident from the success stories of many Fortune 500 companies and SMEs which have embarked on coaching.

4. What are the Qualifications Needed to Pursue a Coaching Career?

Anyone who is interested in becoming a coach should get a proper certification from coaching schools which are endorsed by an international accreditation body such as ICF.  Coaches need to abide by the ethics and code of practice by these governing bodies. The public is becoming more discerning in distinguishing between a validated credentialed coach and a self-claim coach.  By increasing one’s level from Associate to Professional to Master Coach, a coach will be more sought after for their skills and experience. 

In Malaysia, 1% of the employees payroll goes to HRDC which is a pool for employees training. Coaching programs and coaching services are now claimable under HRDC, which creates more income opportunities for coaches.  Tune in to Aha! Coaching Show every week, an interactive video platform with different coaches who will speak on different areas of coaching.

Listen to its 1st edition at here!

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