Q: I am seriously considering Coaching as a career. As I am a person who is always careful with whatever I do, I must not fail or give up halfway in this pursuit. At this moment I am not sure whether I have considered every important detail about this career. Can you point out some areas I need to take note of in order to succeed?

A: Like other professions, a successful Coaching career requires strong commitment in time, effort and a certain amount of financial investment to learn the skills and knowledge through formal training. To strengthen your credibility, you need to build a personality, which speaks well of you as a living Coach in your everyday life. Finally, learn to be a marketer to know where and how to get clients.

Do your research well on the Coaching profession as well. When you are finally in it, keep the ‘fire’ going to stay positive as there might be events that could discourage you. And finally, live your life following the best practices of a good creditable coach. 


  • What is your compelling reason for wanting to be a Coach?
  • Who are the role models you want to follow and why?
  • What are you prepared to commit to acquire their qualities and abilities?
  • What needs to happen for you to stay positive and focused always?

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