The mission of Corporate Coach Academy (CCA) for all its coach graduates is to “Become a prestigious coach that everyone respects”.  To embed this mission, there are 10 guiding principles that every coach student is exhorted to live by as they go out there to make a difference in this world. 

One of the 10 principles is Build Character First, Competencies Next.  Why is this principle so important? 

Sometimes, coaches forget that their success depends many times more on their character than their skills and knowledge they have.  They can go on and on to build them but without a good character, nothing is going to work.  Whether it is in upgrading or adding on to their qualifications, clocking in more coaching hours and exposing themselves in international conventions and seminars will all come to nothing if little is done to build their character as coaches. 

Here are 5 killer character traits that coaches should avoid having and why practising the ICF Core Competencies is paramount to the making of a true coach. 

  1. Arrogance. 

Being a coach does not mean you are above others, especially the ones you are coaching.  Never think you are smarter, luckier and more superior than others.  When you have this attitude, you will likely be talking down on people with an “I-know-it-all” image.  This is not all.  You will also be making lots judgments, criticisms and telling people what they should do instead of helping them to discover their answers.  Thus, the most fundamental principle of Coaching is being contravened which is in ICF Core Competencies 2: Embodies the Coaching Mindset

2. Negative outlook on people. 

Instead of supporting their coachees to see the bright side, they get into the “detective” work of furrowing further “holes” in their lives, causing further emotional pains to them. How can they enjoy a coaching session when it is more of a hell ride for them! A coach-student once tearfully confided in me that her introductory coaching session with a coach was a shamble.  She said, “I went into the session feeling big and was really looking forward to meet my coach, but I came out, feeling so small with every bit of my confidence destroyed! Obviously, a bad experience like this not only harm clients but can be traumatic to the point that it can destroy them for a long time to come. ICF Core Competencies 5: Maintains Presence requires a coach to be fully conscious and present with the client, employing a style that is open, flexible, grounded and confident.

3. Lack of passion for people’s growth.

Many a time, coachees often wonder whether their coaches are genuinely helping them, or are after their money. If they are of the latter, you can see through them in their lackadaisical attitude, dull face, lifeless voice and their lack of energy.  A coachee can never be lifted up by coaches with such kind of negative persona. ICF Core Competencies 8: Facilitates Client Growth states that it is critical for a coach to partner with the client to transform learning and insights into action.

4. Lack of integrity and strong self-discipline.

They compromise with themselves on quality, give in or give up too easily, lack discipline, tell lies, exaggerate facts, disrespectful to client and using inappropriate language. They are tardy and do not prepare themselves physically, emotionally and mentally for the coaching session. The foundation of coaching is in ICF Core Competencies 1: Demonstrates Ethical Practice. 

5. Poor self-management

The stress in the coach caused by his own personal life either due to financial issues, relationship problems, health challenges and others are projected onto the client.  His life is somewhat in a mess, and this is usually manifested in his erratic behaviours, wrong choice of words and disturbed appearances.  Somehow, the client will know that something is not working well for the coach.  So how on earth will clients have the trust and confidence that this coach can help them? ICF Core Competencies 4: Cultivates Trust and Safety emphasises that a coach must create a safe, supportive environment that allows the client to share freely.  

Corporate Coach Academy is the largest generator of ICF Coaches in Malaysia. It offers virtual online and physical in-house coaching programs in 3 different learning options.

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