Q: For years, we have been working on many projects to build talents for the organisation. How can coaching help to unleash potential talents in an organisation?

A: When we treat talent-building in a mass-customised way, it is bound to fail. With no diversity put into people development, any form of programme will find it hard to survive. This is where coaching is relevant as it gives individualised attention to people.

The other strength of Coaching lies in challenging people to think and find different ways to a solution rather than following an established tradition set by predecessors.

The ability to unleash people’s potential is an advanced management skill and not something that every manager will know what to do unless they know how to coach.


  • How many different generations of workers are there in your organisation?
  • What does this tell you about developing them?
  • What training has your managers undergone to develop employees’ potential?
  • What will you do differently to move the organisation forward?

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