Q: Everyone knows I am in charge because I have been around for the last 25 years since taking over from the previous board of directors. I am not sure whether I can consider myself as an effective leader because things get done my way whenever I am around. But this is not the case when I am away.  How do I grow others into natural leaders and followers themselves, doing the things that are right for the organisation regardless of whether I am around or not?

A: I know how frustrated and tired you must be having a team who is only good when you are around. The key to building an empowering workforce is to be a sales-like chief executive who can enroll your people into a buy-in as a group. You can then excite people with the opportunities just like the way you see it. Remember, you need to build a coalition of people who think and act like you. With a coalition of stakeholders, you will have a powerful team, and that is where you can be on “remote control” management with things moving along the right direction with or without you around.


  • What is there in your plans that can excite your people?
  • Where can you find common ground?
  • Who are among the first group of people who share your views?
  • How can you get them committed to the goals and plans of the organisation?

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