Last week, I completed my #coaching programme.  I’m now a Certified Professional Coach!

The journey this programme took me through has been life-changing  Although I was reluctant to take up coaching initially, it opened doors for curiosity and self-awareness in a big way.  It helped me get past the barriers of self-doubt that we often create in our minds – both in our professional and personal lives.

I owe a lot to Coach Michael Heah ICF MCC for his wisdom and guidance. He taught me to simplify my thought process and focus on weighing out the problem before rushing into it.  He and team did a great job of encouraging me throughout the entire programme.  They pushed me tot set the bar high and keep as it so that I learn to look at issues from unconventional angles.

Coaching has given me the confidence to approach problem-solving with a better attitude.  Most of us go through a burnout when we are stretched beyond the limit.  Sometimes it derails our business operations and our peace of mind instead of offering a detour.

Coaching has helped me gain valuable skills which I hope to apply in building our leadership development business at CnetG Asia as well as managing my team at Propay Partners.  I’m always thankful for the opportunity of continuous learning!

Forward march!