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Virginie Jullien


Experience & Activities

After an intense career in the consulting world, Virginie transitioned to a coaching career pursuing a dream she had for a few years.

She is a certified professional coach, ICF ACC accredited and she is working as a life and career coach.

Her passion is to empower women through coaching and support them in achieving their personal and/or professional goals. 

Her coaching is oriented towards self-discovery and self-development and combines reflection and action. She does individual coaching as well as group coaching.

Virginie is known for her pragmatism, her humour and her empathy.  She offers a personalized holistic coaching, allowing her coachees to:

  • raise their self-awareness on their personalities, talents and competencies
  • boost their self-confidence, motivation and resilience
  • improve their time and self-management
  • cope with transitions and changes
  • learn to communicate efficiently
  • take care of themselves to contribute to the world

Virginie is a member of MACC (Malaysian Association of Certified Coach), ICF (International Coach Federation) and the event director of ACSM (Association of Coaching Supervisors and Mentors of Malaysia).

Virginie has a master degree in Management from UCLouvain in Belgium and is certified as professional coach from CCA in Malaysia.