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Josephine Ong


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Josephine Ong (, is a Certified Mastery Coach and an ICF Professional Certified Coach with 10 years coaching experience and is a key staff in Corporate Coach Academy, a full-fledged Coaching organization in Malaysia that specially focuses on business, executive and leadership coaching.

Her professional background of experiences is rich and varied, with wide exposures in top management positions as well as in the shop floors of various industries, ranging from hospitality and tourism. In here she has been deeply involved in general management, corporate management, strategic management, sales, marketing, customer service, human resources management and development. This has provided her with the unique strength and advantage of being able to combine coaching with mentoring to help to deliver greater results.

Josephine is involved greatly with many coaching assignments, both individual and organizationally. She has her own one-on-one clients where she deals with issues related to business, leadership, life fulfillment and relationships.  At the corporate level, she is also involved in coaching transformational projects related to change management, executive development, entrepreneurial development, etc.