Q: For a long while now, my people have been working as a team. The results have been encouraging: production every year is satisfactory, people are somewhat united and there is minimal conflict. They have gotten used to meeting up to share their plans and discuss the way forward. Encouraged by the results, I am thinking of not just limiting this to one department but to extend this team method to other departments as well. What do you think?

A: It is really important to be clear on the objectives for wanting to do this. Simply breaking up the current structure just to introduce a team structure without clear objectives can be dangerous. As in anything else, applying something across the board should be considered carefully as there are always exceptions to the rule. It is also important to note that making changes which involve many people in an organisation is not simple as people often resent change.

There are many areas for consideration when wanting to form teams. One, is the need for quick decisions as any delay can lead to dire consequences. Two, is the skill level of the team members in making collective decisions.

When the decisions are very important to the organisation, it is better to avoid taking this route completely. Three,  is  whether the  tasks within the  team  are homogeneous where anyone can do each other’s jobs. If not, the team concept may not work well. Finally, the work climate must be cordial for the team to function well, otherwise there will be more problems than solutions.


  • Why are you thinking of creating more teams in the organization?
  • What results are you expecting?
  • What is the worst that can happen if teams are not formed?
  • What can still get you the results without putting your people into teams?

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