Q: For 21 years now, I have been a pastor in a church that serves a thriving community.  On the surface everything looks good as I have a very cordial relationship with the community. Without being arrogant, I dare say I have been doing a good job.

Even my superiors feel the same. However, I am not elated because I feel I am too much immersed in church activities with little time for myself. I love to write, and I always believe that my writing can benefit even more people. How can I do more than what I am doing now?

A: I guess the time is right for you to take your vocation to the next level. There is no better time as you have done well in your current position. Moving forward is the next phase. A review of your current work and priorities will prepare you well for your next move. In moving forward, you need to shed your image as a one-man band who does everything himself.

As you need to create enough space to pursue your new dream, free yourself from tedious tasks by delegating them to others. This would relieve you from attending to all church-related affairs as you would have a team of people who can take care of this part for you.

Your next stage of growth would also be focusing on training and developing them to be as capable as you. Free from this work, you will be ready to start writing and embarking on other pursuits that can touch more souls.


  • Where are you now in your life today?
  • What pursuits will take your life to the next level?
  • What will make this possible?
  • What will you give up in order to follow your pursuits?

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