Q: Since young, giving presentations has never been my cup of tea. Due to this, I did not attempt to improve my speaking skills or care about how I was doing it. Nor did I bother with what people have said about my lack of presentation skills. However, the circumstances are different now as I have become a trainer and need to engage with people well. I also need to pitch for business where speaking skills are crucial. So I tried to improve myself in this but, sadly, with little progress. I am not confident I can make any headway. What can I do to improve myself?

A: There is something about your inner self that you need to reconcile with. It is less about improving your speaking skill than strengthening your inner state.

The first place to start is to strengthen your outlook by improving what you are saying about yourself. From then on, instead of placing too much focus on improving your actual speaking ability, you need to learn to be your natural self. This will make you more engaging with the audience both in your words and actions. Generally, the audience prefers someone authentic to someone who is there to put up a show just to impress. Once you can do this, work on becoming more innovative about your delivery to stand out from the crowd.


  • What do you want to say positively to yourself?
  • What keywords do you want in your self talk?
  • What will make you stand out from the crowd?
  • What do you want to watch out for?

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