Q: I am suing my ex-husband for not fulfilling his part of the divorce agreement. As we have agreed, he will provide monthly payments to support our two children under my custody. While I want him to honour the agreement, I am also feeling very lousy about it. It is giving me sleepless nights, bad moods, and depression. My job performance has dropped a lot too. Very often, I wonder whether I should pursue this. Why do I feel this way? How do I get rid of it?

A: Basically, you are feeling very guilty about doing this to your ex-husband who is also the father to your two children. You probably think you are a mean and vengeful person. But are you? Your conscience is clear if you are doing this for your children. However, if there is a hidden agenda in this, then you need to sort it out differently.

Get your purpose right and let your actions follow. A clear conscience is needed; otherwise, even your children will see your actions as mean and cruel. It may be worth the while to talk to your children, if they are old enough, about what you have to do. Get their support and I am sure you will not feel guilty about what you are about to do.


  • What is the real reason for your planned action?
  • Is it logical to feel bad if you have no bad intention?
  • If it is not, then what is a wise action to take?
  • What are the consequences if you did not take any planned actions?

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