• Be a member of the largest national coach association for bona fide coaches which is also a special alumnus for CCA coach students and coaches. 

  • This is a highly effective networking and continuous coach-learning platform for every member to network, learn, share and even collaborate on any business pursuits.

  • There are 2 chapters: the Central Chapter in Petaling Jaya and the Northern Chapter in Penang.



  • The ICF-Credentialed Support is for coaches and coach-students to accelerate getting their coaching hours for either ICF and CCA credentialing purpose;

  • It is held on a monthly basis and run over 2 days (from 9-5pm), an incumbent can gather 12 solid coaching hours coaching each other or even with an external client.



  • This is similar and is held at the same time with the ICS except that the coachees who join this are external clients who come either on a private basis or is sponsored by an organization;

  • For as low as RM400 for 2 days, this is probably the most cost-effective way for these incumbents to work with a coach for 2 full days on any agenda they wish to;

  • For the qualified coaches who are assigned to these external clients, it is a great way to pick up professional coaching skills as well gather coaching hours for their credentialing purpose;

  • For more details, email :



  • This is a student-to-student coaching support system to coach each other to gain coaching hours as well as receive valuable coach performance feedback from the perspective of someone who knows what Coaching is all about;

  • The ICS support service is far more superior than coaching external clients, as although it helps you to gain coaching hours, it may not improve your coaching skills as they usually do not have no coaching knowledge or skills to provide the right feedback;

  • Our peer coaching service consists of these:
    a) Tie up with coach students in your class and agree with each other how many hours of coaching you want to do;
    b) Visit and look for other coaching colleagues from other classes who are located in  Malaysia and other parts of the world; 
    c) If you are a coach-certification student, look up the contact information in the Coaching Kit which is given to all certification students when they enrol.



  • It stands for “Ask Your Question” service.

  • This is a student coaching support system where they come together in an interactive online platform to ask and clarify coaching concepts, principles, etc from the coach-learning modules;

  • The session is facilitated by a coach who will not only provide explanations but will encourage the attendees to share openly much like a webinar;

  • As the “environment” of the AYQ is comfortable and safe, coach students will find it very beneficial and gain from the sharing of students from other classes as well.

  • For more information on this service, email

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