Q: I feel worn out after being a psychotherapist for almost 20 years. I am also tired of this profession because I am at a phase of my life where I feel bored as I feel most of the cases are somewhat similar and treating the patients is a mechanical routine. This is preventing me from giving them the “human touch”, and robbing me of the sense of fulfilment in my work. I am now seriously thinking of making a switch to corporate coaching. However, some friends told me it would be difficult to succeed in this field as there is no “crackpot” to “repair” in the corporate world. Coupled with this, I do not think I have the skills or experience to groom professionals into “corporate superstars”. What is your view on this? Can I fit into the corporate world?

A: There is always a place for anyone to do anything, as long as one is prepared to adapt to the requirements of the situation. In your case, I reckon you will fit in well here because as a psychotherapist you can also help executives deal with issues relating to their work in the business world. Now is the time for you to examine your values to know whether you are willing to do a makeover in your career.

Here are two ways that can get you thinking rightly about how to find a fit for psychotherapy in the corporate world. One is helping executives to gain deeper insights into building better relationships with people, and the other is helping them in strengthening their characters and personalities for improved communication and collaboration. With these two, you should now be able to think of other ways on how you can fit in well.


  • What are your successes in psychotherapy?
  • How can your successes be replicated in the corporate world as well?
  • What do people say about you as compared to your competitors?
  • How can you leverage on your uniqueness?

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