Q:  For many years I have been working very hard to be a ‘somebody’ in the sales profession but I am not sure whether I have ‘arrived at the destination’. I wonder whether there are some tangible indicators of success that can tell me so, and can guide me to grow further.

A: You seem to be looking for some sorts of report card to show whether you are scoring an A, B or C in your career progress. In reality, there is none because progress or success is a subjective matter. Some people are easily contented but for others, nothing seems to be enough.

Another reason why there should not be one is because there are more disadvantages than advantages as this can discourage some people who might feel that success is so far away from them, while others might feel that they have ‘arrived’ and become complacent to grow further.

Life is a journey of continuous improvement in making progress one after another. There should not be a full-stop to our growth! Our life is far larger where both success and failure are opportunities to teach us something new and better.

Notwithstanding this, if there is one to have, it is the quality of resilience that every person can do with more as this will enable them to bounce back from setbacks, failures and disappointment to become even stronger, smarter and better.


  • What are you happy with so far?
  • What are valuable lessons you have gained in your journey?
  • What is your compelling reason for elevating yourself?
  • What is needed now for you?

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