World Class Coaching Programs


CCA is Asia’s leading and longest established ICF Coaching School with the ICF ACTP and CCE status.


Its leadership in Coaching has won them many international awards.  


It has the full range of ICF certified coaching programs ranging from the Associate, Professional and Master. It also has a life-long continuous coach learning support for its coaches to learn and grow personally and professionally.  


It has a team of highly experienced coach practitioners who come from the same alma mater who are now our associate coaches and mentor coaches.


CCA is the pioneer in Coaching as it brought the ICF brand of Coaching into this region in 2013.  It has a huge wealth of solid experience in the teaching of Coaching and has trained the highest number of world-class coaches.


CCA has made many other impactful contributions.  It is among the few in the world with the ICF-ACTP status that attests its highest coach learning standards.


Our core strength is the ability to help coaches make the shift in mindset and gain coaching skills very early in their learning journey.


CCA set up the Coaching Standards to guide and accelerate the growth of the Coaching Industry to be in the same league with other respectable professions. 


CCA coaches are disciples of these noble coaching standards, which makes them a class above many others.

Who Should Be Coaches


The people who should be coaches are:


  • Corporate Leaders: Inspire and grow people to act and align them to its corporate culture and values for greater organizational capabilities to achieve corporate objectives and goals.

  • Community Leaders: Bring hope, instil strength and equip them with solid living skills to improve the lives of people in the social community. 

  • Sales Professionals: Sell using listening and questioning to win trust and up sell successfully.

  • Helping Professionals: Develop people holistically both in their skills and will for sustainable growth.

  • Community Leaders: Bring hope, instil strength and equip them with solid living skills to improve the lives of others, including the less fortunate.

  • Family Members: Grow and unify the family as a happy, successful and cohesive unit for generations to generations.

Full Fledged Coaching Programs


(A) Certification Programs​

  • Certified Master Coach (CMC)

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

  • Certified Associate Coach (CAC) Ultimate Choice

  • Certified Associate Coach (CAC) Popular Choice

(B)  Non-certification Programs (Individual Modules)

  • Coaching Power Tools (CPT) 

  • Empowerment Coaching (ECT)

  • High Performance Coaching (HPC) 

  • Business Of Professional Coaching (BPC)

  • Life & Executive Coaching (LEC)

  • Business & Organizational Coaching (BOC) 

  • Coaching Clinics 

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