Written by Denise Ann-Marie Hylton, a Certified Professional Coach graduate.
Denise works as a Manager, Internal Audit with the Government of Jamaica

How my life became revolutionized
I saw an advertisement that ignited my passion and led to my decision to pursue my coaching journey with Corporate Coaching Academy (CCA).
CCA defines coaching as;

A deep learning partnership that supports people to achieve fulfilling goals through raising their self-awareness to gain, courage, commitment and capabilities.

This quote revolutionized my life: it evoked my awareness while fosters holistic development as it develops my will and my skills.

I soon realized that coaching is an art and a skill, and not merely a conversation with a friend. It takes my entire being to be a coach. I have to be focused, embodies a coaching mindset, and connect with my coachee in order to build their trust and safety. Simply put, I have to listen attentively and maintains presence throughout the entire coaching conversation. It involves my entire nervous system.

I struggled, as I tried to focus on remembering the International Coaching Federation (ICF) 8 Core Competencies, connecting them to the 3-stage Model I learnt while simultaneously asking powerful questions. At times I felt defeated; my coaching conversation did not flow and was mechanical. However, the feedback I received from my peer coach sharpened my coaching skills.

How my client got transformed
I come from Jamaica and this coaching conversation happened in my church. One Saturday, I was at church when a well-dressed lady walked into the office and asked for a Membership Application Form. She had only visited my church 3 times and wanted membership. I listened attentively but noticed that her body language depicted confusion and uncertainty.

I reflected what she had communicated back to her for her to “see” the gaps in her story. She was visibly perplexed; taken off-guard and annoyed by my questions.
Then she tearfully replied; “I want to start over”. Applying the disruptive coaching method. I asked for the names of her pastor, husband and church. She explained that she lived an hour drive away and would like to attend this church because no one knows her. I then asked why it was so important to her to obtain membership at this church. She responded: “my husband is a minister, so she did not want to attend any church within her vicinity”. I further ask whether she wanted a new start in all areas of her life or just a new start at church.

She replied; ‘’all areas”. I asked; “Are you happy?”. “No’’ she replied. “What’s stopping you from getting the happiness that you deserves?”, I asked. “My husband has major health issues but refuse to get help, he needs which has affected our marriage. I sought help from my pastor, friends and family members but no one believed my story”.

She became tearful. I asked: “What strategies can you employ to resolve these matters?” She replied; “Time alone to process my thoughts, to enjoy church away from my husband and I need a coach and the church to pray for me”. I asked; “Of the three strategies which one would she like to start first”? She responded; “Time alone to process my thoughts”

I then asked “What are the challenges that might prevent your success?” and “Who can support you?”. She proceeded to build some action plans with me. I encouraged her and told her that I was proud of her and that she had a feasible and workable plan. She thanked me for accommodating her and for being a great listener. Shortly after we ended our session and she gave me her business card.

The lady was so empowered, she felt that a weight had been lifted off her shoulder and that she could now take charge of her situation. She later told me that she is now in a happy place in her life by making some changes to her life. She relocated to a new environment, saw improvement in her marriage and as a show of appreciation, left a reward and requested for paid coaching sessions!

What I learnt
The most valiant lesson I learnt was that coaching is really about my ability to “see” my client and identify the gaps that are blocking them from achieving their full potential. The successful identification of these gaps is critical in successfully raising their self-awareness. This will empower them and get them in a better frame of mind to take charge of life issues, in order to achieve their full potential.

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