Nobody wants to be stuck in their lives as they begin a new year.  Just saying you do not want to is not enough, we must be into rightful actions.  In this new year of 2024, may we evolve to be better and better than what we are today.

Coaches need to know that personal evolution is distinct from personal development. When you evolve, you alter and this is called transformation. When you develop, you become more of who you are and this is a breakthrough in life.

Here are 12 ways you can help them to evolve and soar higher in 2024:

1. Surround yourself with new ideas instead of recycling your beliefs

Beliefs can limit your ability to experience life as it unfolds. This requires moving out of the comfort zone to dare to try new things.

Question: What will you gain most if you make the change?

2. Seek out chaos whenever you can

The unexpected is necessary for survival in a rapidly changing world. People need to get comfortable to embrace the unknown to strengthen their self- efficacy.

Question: How can you enjoy not knowing what is next?  

3. Be aware of your surroundings

Evolution occurs as you respond to the stimuli in your environment. Feel and be in the moment with what is around you.

Question: What are you learning about yourself?

4. Be appreciative of every situation

Every single thing you are putting up with is an opportunity waiting to be  leveraged. This is to reframe from the negative to the positive.

Question: What is good about your situation?

5. Experiment constantly until you do so naturally and effortlessly

You may need to alter your relationship with people close to you and are prepared to enjoy the experimentation.

Question: What are you willing to try differently?

6. Spend more time in nature

Nature nourishes and calibrates our natural systems. It soothes us, calms us and connects us to the environment more.

Question: What are you more aware of?

7. Become the host of a thriving network

Let your network evolve as you invent clever ways to serve them. You then will have a strong social eco-system to support your growth.

Question: Who do you want to be in your circle?

8. Integrate and synergise all aspects of your life continuously

Integration evolves you from being needlessly complicated to being richly complex. This means leveraging, even piggybacking where 1 plus 1 equal 3.

Question: How can you further make use of what you already have?

9. Choose and design your sources of energy actively

You can then operate at a higher, more effective frequency.

Question: What energises you?

10. Go with the flow

Reduce the energy you consume by 90% through decreasing your resistance to yourself, life, and events.

Question: What do you want to say to yourself to stay calm?

11. Surround yourself with people who are eagerly evolving

They spark you. You spark them. Evolution occurs naturally.

Question: Who is your role model?

12. Choose a goal or vision that is bigger than you are

Be pulled forward by it, instead of pushing yourself to it.

Question: What do you dare to dream?

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