Q: Deep in me, I regret taking up the promotion as the departmental head because I did not know I had to “swim with the sharks” here. It is scary as I have to watch my back all the time. It used to be safe in my previous job where everything was so predictable, like getting clear instructions and comfortable targets with lots of guidance from my seniors. None of these good things exist now. How do I survive in such a place?

A: Staying in your comfort zone is no longer an option these days.  If you did, you would never be able to progress. You have to get out of that comfort zone, accept your new situation and be comfortable with it. Good leaders today are the ones who can lead in uncertain times, and in shorter time cycles too. Adaptability is the key to success.

In this context, the one important quality you need as a good leader is the courage to take risks in areas you are not familiar with. One of them is to manage your business, in shorter cycles on what to do in the months and years to come. Another is in managing the turbulence in the workplace relating to staff turnover, morale and conflicts where you need to be highly proactive to handle both the predictable and non-predictable events in a highly volatile work environment.

This is also the stage in your career where you have to be adept in building alliances with your people to gain better synergy, better ideas, more resources, and so forth, to manage a demanding business landscape. In the same vein, you have to be hands-on and be on the ground to know what is happening to make fast changes.


  • What are the realities you need to accept in your new work environment?
  • What are roadblocks you need to overcome to accept the realities?
  • What are your experiences and strengths you can leverage on?
  • What is a mindset you need to have to manage these realities?

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