Q:  For the last ten years I have been doing fairly well in this company. However, these days, I feel being short-changed by them as they are not rewarding me enough for the efforts I am putting in my job. The idea of moving on to a better company has crossed my mind, and even thinking of venturing out on my own too. But I have no firm decision yet as there are other factors I need to consider.

Meanwhile, in my current state of mind, I have this deep jealousy and anger when I compare myself with the owners. I can sense that I am becoming more calculative and starting to ‘draw lines’ too. I need help here to deal with this unpleasant situation.

A: All these things you mentioned are not very healthy because it not only leads to lower performance but can get you in serious depression too. The faster you get out of this kind of thinking and feeling, the faster you will get back to your normal self again. Having the ‘owner’s mindset’ at all times is something I would recommend you should have.

Whether you are an employee or employer, you should always think and behave like an owner who gives your best in all circumstances. This is the highest form of strategy and integrity as well.

What comes along with an owner’s mindset is an outlook that believes the ‘sky is the limit’ and the focus is always on improving yourself to get better and better results. Work then becomes your second nature; you stop counting the hours or drawing lines, but instead figure out how to get even better results. When you can nurture such great attributes, you will be able to set yourself apart from others.

When the moment is right, you will move on to the next best thing, taking along these very powerful attributes with you always.


  • How does an owner differ from an employee?
  • What makes an owner an owner, and an employee an employee?
  • What needs to change in you for you to think like an owner?
  • What are your benefits when you can?

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