Q: I strongly believe it is always easier to coach someone who wants to be coached than someone who does not. If this is true, then coaching is only effective for some and not for all. What’s your view on this?

A: Not everyone likes to be told they need coaching. From my experience, several coaches have been told off when they tried to sell their services using a straightforward sales pitch like, “Do you want coaching?” Obviously, they would not go far in their coaching career if they keep adhering to this outdated approach because most people do not want to admit there is something wrong with them and that they need coaching! Also, the word “coaching” can wrongfully connote that someone has a problem or something is not working right for them. However, when we sell coaching from a positive perspective, like helping people to double their happiness or even triple their results, people become more receptive.

In its purest sense, coaching is a series of powerful conversations that can be carried out seamlessly simply by using deep listening and powerful questioning. There is no need to tell the person she is being coached! From this perspective, coaching helps people to make bigger strides in their lives when they make their self-discoveries in what they can do more or differently. This will appeal to more people as it makes them better than what they are now. More so, when the coach is kind, compassionate, respectful, and authentic, people will be comfortable in opening their minds and sharing their deepest selves with them.


  • What have you been telling people what coaching is?
  • What is their response to this?
  • What is still missing?
  • What needs to change that will convince them even more?

Adopting the positive perspectives, is a reframing tool to appreciate what we have in life and the people around us.
This tool is an essential part of our Coach Certification program syllabi, covered in module 2: Empowerment Coaching.

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