Q: I want to prevent further failures in the current executive coaching of our top leaders who are still showing little progress in their mindset and behaviours. I am not giving up yet as I believe in the power of coaching in transforming people. As I want to be more proactive in doing the right things to make more progress, what help can you offer us?

A: Successes or failures in coaching cannot be attached to a single   factor.  Many  reasons contribute  to  the  outcome. Therefore, coaches alone are not the only factor. A very important consideration is a well-thought-through execution plan which is often missing when an organisation plans to engage coaches. Doing this right will increase the chances of success. There are important considerations to take into account when drawing up your executive coaching execution plan.

Firstly, set your coaching objectives clearly and practically on what you want your leaders to acquire; not everything can lend itself to coaching. One of these is cases of emotional dysfunction that coaches cannot handle better than therapists.

Secondly, select only those leaders who are sufficiently motivated to want to be coached. Do not waste time on those who are not as no amount of coaching can turn them around.

Thirdly, be realistic about the results as they may not come by after a few sessions. However, setting sub- goals or milestones to be achieved along the entire duration of the coaching engagement may help to bring progress.

Fourthly, provide support to the leaders along the way in the form of follow-ups and creating opportunities for them to act out their new mindset and behaviours. Lastly, choose your coaching provider well. Ensure that they are truly coaches with good track records. Do not save pennies but blow up the bigger results which are more important.


  • What do you want coaching to do for your leaders?
  • What would a successful execution plan looks like?
  • What is your basis for selecting leaders for executive coaching?
  • How will you know they are progressing towards the goal you set?

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