Event Detail

  • Start Date 06/24/2021
  • Start Time 08:00 AM
  • End Date 09/30/2021

Full Plan

  • 3rd level and the ultimate in ICF Coach Certification
  • 208 Coach learning hours
  • World’s most comprehensive, structured and practical Coach Mastery Program
  • Designed to support coaches to have mastery coaching skills that elevate them to the highest level of coaching
  • Covers Mastery Coaching, Situational Coaching, Appreciative Coaching and Purposeful Coaching
  • Provides a direct route to attain the CCA-CMC and the ICF MCC.


Why Invest? 

  • Attain the highest and most respectable coach certification;
  • Attain the most prestigious personal and professional branding;
  • Acquire superior skills and qualities that can make a huge difference in the lives of many;
  • Add more value than what other coaches can do;
  • Be most well equipped master mentor coach to other student coaches and professional coaches;
  • Be most sought after by clients who want the best coaches in the world;
  • Transform your life for happiness and fulfillment;
  • Better your chance to attain the ICF Master Certified Coach credential.

What’s This Program About? 

  • 77 hour program that covers what matters to become a ICF-Master Certified Coach status;
  • A very rich curriculum that richly combines theory with practices in the most balanced way;
  • Combines many learning strategies of classroom learning, group mentoring, personal mentoring, recordings, videos and many others;
  • Be personally coached by the renowned Dr Michael Heah and this team of top coaching experts.


Who Qualifies?

  • A Certified Associate Coach or Certified Professional Coach qualification from CCA or a recognized ICF Coaching School.
  • Those who want to renew their ICF Coaching Credentials.
  • Those who are qualified from non ICF Coaching Schools who want to have good exposure on the ICF superior coaching methods.