Q: Is it true that coaching is about getting things done? If this is so, then I can call myself a coach since for the last 21 years I have been getting people to achieve the company’s goals. What are your views?

A: If coaching is all about getting things done, then even a nagging parent can be a coach! Yes, action is needed. But there is another important element, that is the learning aspect, which is often missing in many manager-staff type of interaction.

Many meetings are about “you do this and you do that” type of order-giving. The learning element in coaching is about raising self-awareness and being mindful about how people learn best. When done well, learning has the effect of helping people to be more resourceful, expanding their perspective and possibilities, and empowering their will to move forward to make changes. Add this into your current work and you will be on your way to becoming a coach.


  • What is your style of management?
  • To what extent have your people improved over the years?
  • Each time you want them to do something, do they regard it as their agenda as well?
  • Do they find personal fulfilment in doing it?

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