Why Invest 

  • Gain a most creditable and respectable coach certification that sets you to become an ICF Professional Certified Coach;

  • Strengthen your competitive edge as a global coach who is globally recognized;

  • Acquire all rounded skills to be able to coach anyone in the area of life;

  • Make a difference to people’s life with long lasting results that will transform their lives, forever!

  • Gain access to vast coaching opportunities ever!

  • Enhance your life style and coaching income;

  • Be well respected and trusted by others.

What’s This Program About? 

  • An ICF-ACTP accredited program that provides a direct and hassle-free route to attain the ICF-Professional Certified Coach status;

  • A 131 hour program: that has a rich mix of face to face learning, coaching clinic, 1 on 1 peer coaching, 1 on 1 mentor coaching.

  • Strengthen your all rounded professional coaching skills and resourcefulness;

  • Equip you with a suite of coaching resources to enhance your effectiveness;

  • Sharpen your facilitative skills to become a powerful facilitator.



Who Qualifies?

  • A Diploma, Professional or an equivalent qualification; and/or

  • A Certified Associate Coach qualification from CCA or a recognized ICF Coaching School; and/or

  • 5 years of commercial experience, preferably with a large part in people management; and/or

  • Good understanding and interest in people development, human psychology or similar; or

  • Pass an assessment test with CCA if the above are not met.

What's The Program Roadmap?

Part 1: 5 Workshops: 89 hours

Module1: Coaching Power Tools (2 days)

  • · Inner Game Of Coaching

  • · 3 Stage Coaching Model 

  • · 11 ICF Coaching Competencies 

  • · Fundamental Tools of Coaching


M2: Empowerment Coaching (2 days)

  • · Personal & Mastery For Emotional Competencies

  • · Empowerment Coaching Tools & Techniques 


M3: High Performance Coaching (2 days)

  • High Performance Journey & Cycle

  • High Performance Coaching Tools & Techniques


M4: Life & Executive Coaching (3 days)

  • The Business of Coaching

  • Life & Executive Coaching Imperatives

  • Life & Executive Coaching Resources 


M5: Business & Organisational Coaching

  • Business & Organizational Coaching & Resources

  • A Rich Mix of Coaching Practices 


Part 2: Coaching Practicum: 42+ 30 hours

Type 1: Group Mentor Coaching Clinics (4 days)

  • Intensive hands-on casual and  professional coaching skills training with recording


Type 2: Personal Mentorship (10 hours)

  • Close attention to close gaps and sharpen your casual and professional coaching skills with recording.


Type 3: Peer Coaching (30 hours)

  • Off line coaching practice at your convenience

  • Practice sessions with a world network of peer coaches.

Part 3: Assignments & Assessment  

  • ​Coach Delivery & Presentation 

  • Coaching Project Case Study

  • Oral Assessment  

  • Written Assessments  

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