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Very few coaching schools in the world has a well-structured and pragmatic Certified Professional Coach Program that thoroughly prepare and accelerate you to become a competent and all-rounded professional coach who can coach in life, leadership, business and organization. In the same breath, they can deliver holistic support to people in this disruptive era for any coaching niche, which not many coaches are capable of doing.

Our Coach Academy has a most impressive track record of having trained and certified the largest number of ICF Professional Coaches in Malaysia and the nearby regions.

Gaining true blue professional coaching skills is both an art and science of extraordinary Coaching that require superior coach-teaching curriculum and skills. This program is personally designed by Dr Michael Heah, Father of Coaching, who has also personally trained and mentored his extraordinary team of ICF coaches to deliver this program.

Together with Dr Heah  and his team of coaches, you will embark on a highly insightful coach-learning on professional coaching that covers all key aspects of the business of professional coaching, life coaching, leadership/executive coaching, business/sales coaching and organizational development coaching and a full suite of professional coaching resources for all 4 coaching niches.   

The program is offered either as a Full Plan for complete guided learning or a Combo Plan for partial guided learning while being supported by learning videos in our learning management system. 

What’s This Program About?

  • World’s most comprehensive, structured and pragmatic Certified Professional Coach Program;
  • 2nd level to be an ICF Credentialed Coach;
  • 125 Coach-learning hours of group coaching, peer coaching and mentor coaching led by Dr Michael Heah, the Father of Coaching, and/or his dynamic team of ICF coaches;
  • Designed to power up the all-rounded professional coaching skills of leaders to achieve successful and fulfilling goals;
  • Provides a direct route to attain the ICF Professional Certified Coach Credential.

Why Invest? 

  • Attain a global coach certification that is recognized anywhere in the world;
  • Strengthen and raise your professional branding and standing in the workplace and marketplace;
  • Acquire superior professional coach-leadership skills to lead and grow people to perform extraordinarily in disruptive times;
  • Attain personal and people mastery to stay calm and confidence with high engagement skills;
  • Accelerate your professional growth and success;
  • Transform your life for happiness and fulfilment.

Who Qualifies? 

  • A qualified coach with an Associate Coach certification from a recognized coaching school;
  • Has attained 15 coaching hours;
  • Is positive and is open to new learning for elevation of coaching skills;
  • Has basic coaching skills;
  • Possess a degree/diploma in any discipline is preferred.

Program Schedule : 2024

M1: Coaching Power Tools23-24 10-112-3
M2: Empowerment Coaching8-924-2516-17
M3: High Performance Coaching22-2314-15 6-7
M4: Group Mentor Coaching 152820
M5: Business of Professional Coaching1919124
M6: Life & Executive Coaching2-33-426-2719-20
M7: Business & Organizational Coaching 1-217-189-10
M8: Group Mentor Clinic 215-1631123-24

Learning Journey

Part 1: 6 Workshops: 89 hours

M1: Coaching Power Tools (2 days)

  • Inner Game Of Coaching
  • 8 Coaching Competencies
  • 3 Stage Coaching Model 
  • Tools of Coaching and Mentoring

M2: Empowerment Coaching (2 days)

  • Personal & Mastery For Emotional Competencies
  • Empowerment Coaching Model 
  • Human Behavioural System
  • Tools & Techniques 

M3: High Performance Coaching (2 days)

  • Coach Architectural Skills For Innovative Change Management 
  • High Performance Model 
  • Qualities and Skills Of A High Performance Leader
  • Tools & Techniques

M5 Business Of Professional Coaching  (1 day)

  • Coaching Niches 
  • Coaching Value Management
  • Coaching Pitfalls
  • Coaching Protocol 
  • Coaching Contract 
  • Professional Coaching Practices

M6: Life & Executive Coaching (2 days)

  • Imperatives of Life and Executive Coaching 
  • Life & Executive Coaching Protocol 
  • Life & Executive Case Studies & Practices 
  • Life & Executive Coaching Resources & Techniques

M7: Business & Organizational Coaching (2 days)

  • Imperatives of Business & Organizational Coaching 
  • Business & Organizational Coaching Protocol 
  • Business & Organizational Case Studies & Practices
  • Business & Organizational Coaching Resources & Practices 

Part 2: Coaching Practicum: 36 + 30 hours 

a) Group Mentor Coaching Clinic (3 days)

  • Series of Intensive Hand-ons Professional Coaching Practices 
  • Coaching Sale Pitch Delivery
  • Mock Coaching & Case Study 
  • Evaluation & Feedback Giving

b) Personalised Mentor Coaching (10 hours)

  • Live Session with Evaluation & Feedback
  • Recorded Session with Evaluation & Feedback

c) Peer Coaching (30 hours)

  • Practice Sessions with Peers
  • Evaluation & Feedback

Part 3:  Assessment 

  • 2 Written Assessments
  • 1 Oral Examination
  • 1 Coach Delivery Presentation
  • 1 Case Study