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Very few coaching schools in the world has a well-structured and pragmatic Certified Master Coach Program that thoroughly prepare and accelerate you to become a top-class Master Coach.

Our Coach Academy has a most impressive track record of having already groomed 4 ICF Master Certified Coaches already.  

Gaining mastery coaching skills is both an art and science of extraordinary Coaching that require superior coach-teaching skills to coach where few have such skills like Dr Michael Heah, Father of Coaching, who will personally lead this program.

With Dr Heah, you will embark on a highly insightful coach-learning that covers all key aspects of Mastery Coaching, Situational Coaching, Appreciative Coaching and Purposeful Coaching.   

What’s This Program About? 

  • World’s most comprehensive, structured and pragmatic Coach Mastery Program;
  • Ultimate level to be an ICF Credentialed Coach;
  • 80 Coach-learning hours of group coaching, peer coaching and mentor coaching by Dr Michael Heah, the Father of Coaching;
  • Designed to elevate coaches to the highest level of coaching;
  • Provides a direct route to attain the ICF Master Certified Coach Credential.

Why Invest? 

  • Attain the highest and most respectable coach certification;
  • Strengthen your personal and professional branding;
  • Acquire superior skills and qualities that can make a huge difference in the lives of many;
  • Add more value than what other coaches can do;
  • Become a most well-equipped master mentor coach to other student and professional coaches;
  • Be most sought after by clients who want the best coaches in the world;
  • Transform your life for happiness and fulfilment;
  • Better your chance to attain the ICF Master Certified Coach credential.

Who Qualifies? 

  • A Certified Associate Coach or Certified Professional Coach qualification from CCA or a recognized ICF Coaching School;
  • Those who want CCE hours to renew their ICF Coaching Credentials;
  • Those from non ICF Coaching Schools who wish to have wider exposure on the ICF brand of superior coaching methods.


Program Schedule : 2023

M1 : Mastery Coaching 29
M2 : Situational Coaching 30-31
M3: Appreciative Coaching /
Group Mentor Coaching Clinic
M4: Purposeful Coaching /
Group Mentor Coaching Clinic

Learning Journey

Part 1: 4 Workshops: 56 hours

M1: Mastery Coaching (1 day)

The Ultimate Coach who is capable of raising self-awareness and self-discovery to the highest level.

  • Mastery Coaching and Others 
  • Principles of Master Coaching 
  • Mastery Coaching Competencies 
  • Coaching Practice: Establishing Your Coaching Baseline. 

M2: Situational Coaching (2 days)

The Master Servant Coach who can touch lives with an array of 7 coaching skills.

  • Principles of Master Servant Coach 
  • Coaching Versatility and Flow 
  • 7 Coaching Roles of a Master Servant Coach  
  • Situational Coaching Model & Process
  • Mastery Coaching Practice: Coaching with the Flow

M3: Appreciative Coaching (2 days)

The Master Appreciative Coach who deploys an appreciative approach to bring out the best in people.

  • Positive Psychology in Mastery Coaching 
  • Appreciative Intelligence and its Tools 
  • Appreciative Coaching Model & Process
  • Mastery Coaching Practice: Appreciative Coaching in Action

M4: Purposeful Coaching (2 day)

The Master Purposeful Coach who elevates clients to get the most out of their lives.

  • Purpose and Purpose Finding Strategies 
  • Coaching Presence & Mindfulness 
  • Deep Listening Presence 
  • Purpose-based Coaching Model & Process
  • Mastery Coaching Practice: Purposeful Coaching in Action

Part 2: Mastery Coaching Practicum: 24+50 hours 

a) Group Mentor Coaching Clinic (2 days)

  • Intensive Hands-on Mastery Coaching Practices 
  • Case Study-based Mock Coaching 
  • Evaluation & Feedback giving

b) Personalised Mentorship (8 hours)

  • Live Sessions to sharpen and close every gap in your mastery coaching skills and moves.
  • Recorded Sessions Review
  • Evaluation & Feedback

c) Peer Coaching (50 hours)

  • Numerous opportunities for coaching practice with our world-wide network of coaches.
  • Evaluation & Feedback

Part 3: Assessment 

  • 1 Written Assessment
  • 1 Oral Examination