Q: The subject of ‘charisma’ always interests me a lot simply because I do not have much of it. I think I am dull and boring with little ‘shine’ in me. What do I need to work on to get more of it?

A: Charisma’ is the magnetism that attracts people to them. With this, they can lead, persuade, convince, inspire and influence people well. Personal powers come along with it. Without this, you cannot exude trust, likeability and credibility.

The good news is everyone can build and grow their charisma. This can be done at two levels. At the intrinsic level (which is more important), work on identifying and then ‘repairing’ those disempowering and negative areas in your emotional state, such as your outlook towards life, your beliefs, passion and the excitement on things you do. At the extrinsic level, focus on exterior aspects such as your clothing, mannerisms, voice quality and communication ability. When both are in order, you increase your ‘magnetism’ to attract people to you.


  • What do you want people to do for you?
  • What is one action that will make you see better results?
  • What can you do more to make yourself more ‘attractive’ to them?
  • What are you prepared to give up doing to gain something better?

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