Written by Dr Pete Pinnock
North America – Administrative Bishop CEA
John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach

An Unexpected Encounter
The summer of 2015, I was invited to the United States of America to speak at a church conference. And as, I stood at the Lectern speaking, in the congregation, I observed a gentleman who sat at the back of the auditorium. He appeared to be listening attentively. As a speaker, I was encouraged. Later that evening, as I walked towards my car, a well- dressed gentleman, held on to me as he pulled me aside. As he introduced himself, I then realized that it was the same gentleman that I had observed earlier during my talk. He said, “Bishop Pinnock, I was really touched by the words and points that you shared.

I heard not just a conference speaker, but I also heard a coach speaking to us”. He continued, “Bishop you have something greater on the inside”. My thoughts as a speaker were disrupted as I drove home that evening. New ideas emerged as I thought about the endless possibilities and the ways I can further serve my congregation. Hence my decision to be enrolled and to become a Certified Coach.

An Unexpected Journey
A few years later, I founded the Take the Lead (TTL) company which offers Leadership Training, Speaking and Coaching Services. Over the years, I have had the privilege to successfully train several leaders and saw their lives transformed. This resulted in my desire to serve all the people that I encountered. I decided to expand my knowledge and credentials to further enhance and exemplify the services that I offer to my clients. My quest for more led a friend and I to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) website to identify a reputable institution that offers the coaching services that I desired. I saw numerous training institutions globally but I felt we were divinely led to the Corporate Coach Academy (CCA) in Malaysia which is the Top 3 ICF Coaching School in the world.

I contacted CCA and learnt that they offer not only extrinsic but also intrinsic methods of coaching. This was further complimented by their competitive prices and highly professional and courteous staffs. This sealed the deal for us. Once we made the decision to enroll for the course, we realized that this decision was “not a walk in the park”- there was a thirteen hours time difference between Canada and Malaysia! Nevertheless, I can now say that the course was worth every bit of the sacrifice we made.

In our class, we had the privilege to be trained by the founder of Corporate Coach Academy (CCA), the knowledgeable, legendary Father of Coaching in Malaysia; Dr. Michael Heah. Being in the class with Michael, I felt as if I had started to learn coaching all over again. He lived up to his title as the Father of Coaching or guru. As Michael explained the 3-Stage Coaching Model and the 10 Coaching Milestones, he seamlessly connected them to ICF Coaching Competencies. As my awareness raised, I felt more empowered to return to my clients to better support them as a trained coach to help them navigate their life’s journey.

An Unexpected Enlightenment
As a Bishop, I now see coaching from a different lens. I have greater insights when I read the scriptures. Now I apply the ICF Coaching Competencies whenever I engage with members of my congregation and my professional clients. One such conversation was when a lady, Y came to see me because she was distraught that her bosses don’t like her whichever job she went to. By being non-judgmental, practicing intuitive listening and keeping a tight conversation, I was able to uncover the root cause of her issue. As a child, her mother hated her and she had never experienced the love of a father. She carried this belief that nobody likes her. With a compassionate heart, I gently co-created small steps that she can take to overcome her belief.

These 6 Elements of a Powerful Coaching Conversation have elevated my coaching to another level.
Non-Directive: Uses listening and questioning more than talking.
Focused: Is aligned to the agenda throughout the entire conversation.
Person-based: Focus on the purpose, values, and beliefs of the person rather than their skills to resolve their issues.
Respectful: Upholds the dignity and respect for the person.
Empowering: Propels the person to take positive actions at the end of the conversation.

Corporate Coach Academy in Malaysia is the World’s Top 3 ICF Coaching School.  It offers ICF Coaching Certification Programs at 3 Levels; Certified Associate Coach Certification, Certified Professional Coach Certification, and Certified Master Coach Program.

Know more about its high quality and innovative Coach Certification Programmes and Executive Coaching services at @www.corporate-coachacademy or call 03-7726 7316

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