Q: What is your opinion of getting a coach for my senior manager? His performance has been good but, lately, we noticed that he is not performing up to mark.

A: It is not uncommon for an organisation to consider coaching to improve the performance of senior people. For organisations that I have coached, this seems a better way to help the person than just telling him that he needs to improve in this or that. Hiring a coach is regarded as a gentle and effective way to resolve the deeper underlying issues confronting him. A good coach has the qualities and skills to get this manager to open up and then help him to co-create a plan of action to address his issues.


  • How valuable is the manager to the organisation?
  • What is the cost of replacement as opposed to fixing the problem?
  • Would your organisation be able to move faster and more efficiently without him, or do his other contributions make it justifiable to consider coaching?
  • Will the performance levels of colleagues and direct reports improve if this manager’s performance improves?

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