Q: We are in the information technology (IT) business with a 1,500 strong workforce. Our mission to be a premier organisation in the field of IT products and services. Although the current difficult time is taking a toll on our business, we also want to plan for the future and be ready when the bad times are over.

How can coaching support us in this?

A: Coaching can offer a wide range of interventions in almost all key areas. I would like to identify four of them:

  • Review your current pool of talents for promotion possibilities for succession planning.
  • Narrow the organisation’s skill deficiency gaps and strengthen your leaders’ skills in managing cross-cultural diversities that your organisation is in.
  • Help problematic but high-potential people who might have issues relating to their personal styles, performance shortcomings and their motivation.
  • Support executive transitions of leaders who are newly-promoted or have recently been transferred to new jobs where they might need to build allies, adapt to a new culture and need new skills for the new environment.


  • What are the most crucial issues that are confronting your organisation?
  • What do you want to see happening?
  • What specific behavioural changes are required from your leaders?
  • What investment and commitment are you prepared to make?

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