Why Invest?


  • Most cost effective investment to attain a global coach status; 

  • Enjoy full benefits of our ICF-ACSTH accreditation status to earn the ICF Global Coach; 

  • Learn under seasoned coach practitioners, (not academic lecturers), for ‘street wise’ ways through highly practical coaching methods; 

  • Learn to sharpen coaching skills instead to expand coaching knowledge;


What's This Program About?

  • An ICF-ACSTH accredited program for a direct and hassle-free route to attain the ICF-Associate Certified Coach status;

  • A 70 hour program with a rich mix of face to face learning, peer coaching and mentor coaching.

  • A fast track method to acquire fundamental coaching skills;

  • Qualifies you to upgrade to the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) whenever.

Who Qualifies?

  • A Diploma, Professional or an equivalent qualification; or

  • 3 years of commercial experience, preferably with a large part in people management, directly or indirectly; or

  • Pass an assessment test with CCA should the above conditions are not met.

What is the Program Roadmap?

Part 1: 3 Workshops: 48 hours

M1: Coaching Power Tools (2 days)

  • Inner Game Of Coaching

  • 3 Stage Coaching Model 

  • 11 ICF Coaching Competencies 

  • Fundamental Tools of Coaching


M2: Empowerment Coaching (2 days)

  • Personal & Mastery For Emotional Competencies

  • Empowerment Coaching Tools & Techniques 


M3: High Performance Coaching (2 days)

  • High performance Journey & Cycle

  • High Performance Coaching Tools & Techniques



Part 2: Coaching Practicum: 21 + 15 hours 

​ ​

Group Mentor Coaching Clinic (2 days)

  • Intensive hands-on casual coaching skill with recording

  • Coaching under supervision and feedback giving

Personal Mentorship (5 hours)

  • Close attention to sharpen your mastery moves and language.

Peer Coaching (15 hours)

  • Practice sessions with peers


Part 3: Assessment 

  • 1 Written Assessment

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