Q: People say that I am cold and emotionless because I do not smile nor get excited with almost everything. I must admit that I often ‘immersed in my own world’, (thinking deeply and wildly) to the extent that I forget there are people around me. How can I be more in tune with the world outside?

A: The area to work on is your empathy for without this, you will become indifferent to people because to you there is nothing interesting you can shout about! Due to this ‘ignorance’, you do not feel the urge to adjust or change your ways to tune in to people and environment around you, which is not healthy.

One good place to start is building your interest in communicating with people. Stay centered on the conversation and not allow internal talks from getting in your mind. Tune in to their words and their inner meanings of their worldviews. Get casual and engage in ‘small talks’ with them on the little details of their lives like holiday plans, hobbies, interests and so on. In short, make them feel more important than yourself!


  • What goes on in your head when people are talking with you?
  • How can you minimise this?
  • What can you do to put the spotlight on others, instead of yourself?
  • What can impress them on your curiosity on them?

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