Q: I get bored talking with people most of the time. I guess it is the same for the other person who also appears to be bored talking to me. I am discouraged by this and I usually want to end the conversation quickly as I feel it is really pointless to continue. However, I have always been curious as to how some of my friends are able to go on and on with their conversations. How do they do this? Can you throw more light on this matter?

A: It is all about your attitude. A good attitude towards someone would make the person become interesting to you, while a bad one may mean that he/she is not worth your time. So, this decides how much effort and time you want to put into a conversation with the person.

Appreciate and respect the diversity and differences in people. Be less prejudiced in how a person needs to behave towards you. Instead, be flexible and adjust to them. In order to get into this approach, reframe your perspective about the person and the conversation you are in to find something interesting about them. Be sincere and friendly as well. You will soon realise that you can engage more deeply with people.


  • What do you say to yourself about making friends?
  • What are your reasons for this?
  • How does this perception help you in your life?
  • How can you change this in order to make more friends?

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