Big Value of Coaching


  1. Become powerful new age leaders equipped with coaching skills to lead and develop people;

  2. Become charismatic leaders with the highest personal power to influence and inspire people;

  3. Enter into a most rewarding and fulfilling career and personal mission;

  4. Acquire coaching skills as living skills that can be used in every area of our life;

  5. Take on a most flexible career that can be full time, part-time or a casual pursuit;

  6. Enhance their professional success with facilitative and communication ability;

  7. Answer a calling to be someone special who can make a difference to people’s life; and

  8. “Give back to society’, touch someone, and leave behind their foot prints on this earth.


  1. Receive focused attention to uncover what really are the hidden opportunities or roadblocks;

  2. Have a professional and good friend who dares tell the truth on areas that matter most; 

  3. Seek a safe place to share confidential matters with someone capable;

  4. Get endorsement on their potential and strengths;

  5. Seek neutral and objective views and feedback;

  6. Achieve faster results and success;

  7. Be equipped with present and future leadership abilities;

  8. Save time and money in the most effective helping intervention. 


  1. Gain the prestige of studying at Asia’s Leading Coaching School;

  2. Enjoy the full benefits of our ICF-ACTP accreditation status to become global coaches;

  3. Learn from most  seasoned coach practitioners for ‘street wise’ coaching ways;

  4. Learn more coaching skills  than just acquiring coaching knowledge;

  5. Become an all-rounded coach who can coach in every area of life;

  6. Enjoy lifelong support structure for continuous learning;

  7. Gain the most opportunities for professional coaching exposure;

  8. Seek new age way of coach learning.  

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