Q: In my workplace, I am what people would call a ‘micro-manager’. It simply means that when faced with a situation, I will unconsciously and quickly dive into the details to solve them. Due to this behaviour, people find me too detailed, overly cautious, and even picky when making decisions. So my style disappoints and infuriates many people. Ultimately, my performance is the one that suffers most. As I am not an underachiever, I take this problem seriously.

I want to build my reputation and my performance too. What shall I do?

A: This is likely happening because of your sense of insecurity. You delve into little details probably because you are afraid of failure. So you are very cautious with everything you do, even for the smallest things. Your fear of failure could be due to your desire of not wanting to displease others as you do not want them to think badly about you.

The hard truth is you are a perfectionist. In its extreme state, you will offend more people than please them! Thus, a favour for them may just end up as disfavour! The single most important thing to do is to lighten up. Do not be too hard on yourself. Tell yourself it is okay to fail sometimes if it means learning from it. Enjoy doing the things you want to do, no matter how serious they are. Tell yourself you have got to please yourself as much as please others. Doing all these will make you relaxed. Enjoy your journey, smell the roses and do not care too much about the destination!


  • What do you fear?
  • How can you be more trusting of others?
  • How can you give yourself more room for failures?
  • When you can do this, what are your gains?

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