Q: From my personal experience, I feel certain people, although given formal authority, are not fit to be called leaders. One such person is my superior. I detest his ways of handling challenging situations where he does not take any stand on matters when he should. Instead, he behaves like a helpless victim, spouting words of negativity and fear. My bad experience of his poor leadership has hardened my resolve not to end up like him. What will make me different as a true leader and a deserving one too?

A: Yes, I agree that certain people are not cut out to be leaders. Usually, the ordinary and below-average ones consider their role as leaders to be routine tasks. On the other hand, the extraordinary ones consider their role as a mission to contribute to the needs of everyone that somehow inspires them to make a positive difference in whatever they do. You will know of one with this calibre when you feel the energy of his positive aura that attracts you and others to them.

Every forward-looking person wants to be an extraordinary leader because they are inspired to do great things that can impact people’s lives. There are some good leadership benchmarks you can set for yourself. One: identify a higher purpose for your life as this will make you very focused on walking the right path to reach there, not just for yourself, but also to bring others along with you. Another benefit of this is that you will be focused on doing more right than wrong. Two: be people-centred so that you will win people’s trust and respect and make them loyal and committed followers. Three: be consistently calm and positive so that you handle matters rationally and make people feel emotionally safe when they are with you. And, finally, be a compassionate (and not judgmental) person who can understand and adapt to all kinds of people that will widen your boundary to include others in your life.


  • What kind of leader do you want to be?
  • What skills do you want to have as a leader?
  • What values do you want to manifest to your people?
  • What can you strengthen these values of yours?

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